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PIMA Phlebotomy

Medical Terminology 2015 common word roots

aer air Ex: aerobic
angi vessel Ex: angiogram
arteri artery Ex: arterioslerosis
bili bile Ex: bilirubin
bucc cheek Ex buccal
* cardi heart Ex eletrocardiogram
coron crown,circle Ex coronary
*cubit elbow Ex antecubital
*cyan blue Ex cyanotic
cyt cell Ex cytology
*cyte cell Ex erythcyte
*dermat skin Ex dermatitis
*erythr red Ex erythema
fibrin fiber Ex fibrinolysis
gluc sugar, glucose Ex glucose
*hem blood Ex hemolysis
*hemat blood Ex hematology
*leuk white Ex leukocyte
lip fat Ex lipemia
my muscle Ex myalgia
nat birth Ex natal
necr death Ex necrosis
nephr kidney Ex nephritis
onc tumor Ex oncologist
*path disease Ex pathogen
*phleb vein Ex phlebotomy
ren kidney Ex renal
scler hard Ex sclerotic
thorac chest Ex thoracic
*thromb clot Ex thrombosis
vas vessel Ex cular
ven vein Ex venipuncture
Created by: lovingheart0291