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Health Occ. Final

Health Occ. 3/4 final

Vital signs are values that can be used to measure changes in body function, general health, and response to treatment.
The normal rate of an adult pulse can range between 60
The quadrants of the abdomen are right and left upper, left and right lower
The homeostasis mechanism for which body system involves receiving nutrient from blood and regulating body temperature, breathing, blood pressure, and autonomic response? Nervous System
The skin lesion known as a macule can be described as a discolored spot on the skin.
The systolic reading occurs while the ventricles of the heart are contracting.
The diastolic reading occurs when the ventricles are relaxing
Temperature is the measurement of the balance between heat produced and lost by the body.
The pulse can be counted by listening to the heart through a ____________ placed on the chest Stethoscope
The rhythm and character _________ are important observations. Respiration
Body systems consist of organs that work together to provide a major body function.
Organism are the beings that result when the body systems work together to maintain life.
Epithelial tissue covers the body, forms glands, and lines the surfaces of cavities and organs.
Connective tissue formed by a protein, includes soft tissues, such as fat and blood cells, and hard tissues, such as bones, ligaments, and cartilage.
Muscle Tissue made of protein fibers, has the unique property of being able to shorten to produce movement.
Nervous tissue is composed largely of specialized cells found in the eyes, ears, brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.
Integumentary system composed of the skin and accessory structures.
The innermost layer of the skin subcutaneous
Skin normally has ____________ in all areas except the soles of the feet and the palms or the hands. pili
Apocrine glands are located in such areas as under the arms and in the breast and pubic area.
Ceruminous glands are located only in the auditory canal of the ear.
The uppermost part of the dermis is composed of _________that form ridges or patterns on the skin. papillae
Eczema is characterized by swelling, redness, and itching and by weeping, crusted skin lesions.