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Phlebotomy Review 1

A variety of topics for phlebotomy students to help them review.

The sagittal plane divides the body into ___________ and ______. Right, Left
Another name for midsagittal plane is the __________ plane and it divides the body into equal _________ and ________ sides. median, right, left
The ____________ or __________ planes divide the body into anterior and posterior portions. frontal, coronal
The ___________ or ___________ planes divide the body into superior and inferior portions. transverse, horizontal
Another name for posterior side of the body is ___________. dorsal
Another name for anterior side of the body is ________. anterior
It is the largest system of the body. Integumentary
It is the first line of defense if intact. Integumentary
This system has three types of tissue that are smooth, cardiac, and skeletal. The system is the __________. Muscle
Caridac muscle is striated and therefore is classified as ____________. Involuntary
A group of organs working together to perform related functions is defined as a _______________. System
The ___________ is the smallest unit of life. Cell
_____________ muslce makes up the heart. Cardiac
____________ aids in the coagulation process by forming a plug to stop blood flow. Platelets
Blood transports the respiratory gases of ______________ and ___________. Oxygen, Carbon dioxide
The ___________ system plays an important role in the immunity and defense against infections. Lymphatic
The _______ alter the concentration and volume of urine. Kidneys
The type of blood vessels that carries oxygen to tissues is the _____________. Arteries
The type of blood vessels that carry the deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs is the _____________. Veins
_________ form a network throughout the body for the exchange of oxygen, metabolic waste products, and carbon dioxide between blood and tissue cells. Capillaries
Chemicals used by the body to carry impulses between neurons are called _____________. Neurotransmitters
___________ is released during the process of catabolism. Energy
Blood for lead levels need to be collected in a ___________ topped tube. Tan
What tube is the best for a sterile blood collection of trace emlements, toxicology, and nutritional studies? Royal blue
The glycolytic inhibitor is found in the __________ topped tube. Gray
The anticoagulant found int the lavendar topped tube is the ___________. EDTA
In newborns the penetration of the lancet for collecting blood is ______ mm. 2.0
What anticoagulant is found in a green top blood collection vacuum tube? Sodium Heparin
What tube contains an antiglycolytic agent? Gray topped
A blood cell count requires whole blood collected in a ______ topped tube. Lavendar
Specimens for ____________ are collected in light blue topped blood collection tubes. APTT
The anticoagulant preferred in collecting of whole blood for STAT situations in clinical chemistry is ____________. Heparin
The anticoagulant lithium heparin is most appropriate for blood collection to perform measurement of ______________ levels. Potassium
Color coding of the needles is to indicate the __________ of the needle. Gauge
A blood analyte that is sensitive to light is _____________. Bilirubin
This anticoagulant is used frequently in coagulation blood studies. Sodium citrate
To avoid microclotting in the blood collection tube, it is extremely important that the blood collected in the lavendar topped tube is gently inverted a minumum of _______ times. 8
Measurement of blood copper, a trace element, blood collection requires that a __________ topped tube be used. Royal blue
The container used frequently for micromeasurement of packed red cell volume is the ____________ tube? Microhematocrit
This anticoagulant would allow preparation of blood films with minimal distortion to the WBCs. EDTA
Which anticoagulant is used in blood collected for donations? ACD
Cytogenetic analysis requires whole blood collected in a _____________ topped tube. Green
The red and black speckled topped blood collection tube should be gently inverted 5 times so that blood clotting occurs in __________ minutes. 30
The royal blue topped tubes have what kind of anticoagulant in the tube? None
Lithium heparin is a suitable anticoagulant for what kind of ____________ level? Glucose
What does sodium citrate bind with in the light blue topped tubes to keep specimen from coagulating? Calcium
What color tube is used for PT, PTT, fibrinogen, and D-dimers studies? Light Blue
_________ stands for Sodium polyanethole sulfonate SPS
_________ stands for Serum Separator Tube SST
_________ stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTA
_________ stands for Fibrin degradation products FDP
Tubes with plastic _______ stoppers contain a clot activator. It causes blood clots and help in separating the serum by centrifugation. This process is often used in blood bank (cross-match), chemistry, immunology and serology. Red
Coagulation tubes have ________-colored stopper and a sodium citrate additive. It is used for coagulation tests, requiring full draw. Light Blue
This tube is commonly used for routine venipuncture and does not require any additive. Plain Red
Serum separator tube (SST) does not have any additive but a clot activator that will separate blood from the serum by centrifugation. This draw is used in chemistry, immunology and serology. The ________ or ________ tubes are used. Gold, Red/Gray
Tubes with ______ tops have lithium heparin anticoagulant. Green
The EDTA anticoagulant in tubes with _______ or ______ or tall pink stopper helps remove calcium by forming calcium salts. This draw is often used in blood bank cross-matching and hematology. Lavendar, Purple
Tubes with _______ colored stopper contain sodium fluoride or potassium oxalate additives, which acts as an Antiglycolytic agent that helps preserve glucose for up to five days. This requires full draw, as the opposite may cause hemolysis. Gray
_____ top used when there is an order to test deep vein thrombosis or blood clot in a deep vein, pulmonary embolism, stroke and other blood clotting disorders and it contains FDP Royal blue
Used to draw hematology and chemistry studies and has EDTA/chelates calcium? Lavendar
Used for chemistry studies and has heparin plus separator gel? Green
Used for chemistry and immunology studies and does not have any additive or clot activator. Can also be used as a discard tube Red
Used for chemistry and has separator gel and forms barrier and has a clot activator? Red/black, gold
Used for chemistry studies and has sodium fluoride/glycolysis inhibitor and potassium oxalate/binds calcium Gray
Used for microbiology and blood cultures and it contains sodium polyanethol sulfonate/neutralizes antibiotics Yellow
Used for blood bank HLA lab and contains acid citrate dextrose/and maintains cell viability. Yellow
Used for Chemistry/Lead levels and contains EDTA specially formulated cap certified lead free Tan
Used for chemistry STAT tests contains thrombin/accelerates clotting Orange or Gray or Yellow
Used for molecular diagnostics withe EDTA with separator gel. White
This is the process of removing small samples from the original specimen and placing them in another container. Aliquoting
Stops the coagulation process mainly by inactivating thrombin preventing clot formation. Heparin
__________ is the anticoagulant of choice for hematology because it maintains the size and shape of the blood cells. EDTA
The kind of tube that can be used to test for Lipid Panels is ___________ Gray
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