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Mod 2 Med Terms

Med Terms Ch. 1, 3, 9, 12

-algia pain
-ectomy surgical removal
-plasty surgical repair
-otomy surgical incision
-ostomy artificial surgical opening
intra- within
-rraphy surgical suturing
ab- away
-pexy surgical fixation
-megaly enlargement
path / o disease
-dynia pain
peri- surrounding, around
urtic / o rash, hives
-aria connected with
myc / o fungus
lip / o fat, lipid
scler hardening
-derma skin
melan / o black, dark
cutane / o skin
onych / o fingernail or toenail
hidr / o sweat
py / o pus
hyper- excessive
epi- above
-is noun ending used to complete a word
erythem flushed
-a noun ending used to complete a word
derm / o skin
psoriasis common skin disorder characterized by flare-ups with red papules covered with silvery scales occurring over the elbows, knees, scalp, back, and bottom
vitiligo skin condition resulting from the destruction of melanocytes due to unknown causes. It causes irregular patches of white skin and hair patches may turn white (Michael Jackson)
scabies Skin infection caused by an infestation of itch mites. They cause small, itchy bumps and blisters by burrowing into the top layer of skin and laying their eggs. Topical medications help, but itching may persist for weeks.
impetigo Highly contagious bacterial skin infection that commonly occurs in children. Characterized by isolated pustules that become crusted and rupture.
chondr / o cartilage
cost / o rib
arthr / joint
-lysis destruction
myel / o bone marrow, spinal cord
-itis inflammation
oste / o bone
kyph hump
-osis abnormal condition
-malacia softening
-plasia formation
dys- difficult, bad
nephr / o kidney
cyst / o bladder or fluid-filled sac
-cele herniation or protusion
ureter / o tube that carries urine from the kidney to bladder
hydr / o water
-uria urine, urinary tract
ur / o urine, urinary tract
-stasis control, maintenance at a constant level
olig scanty, few, small amount
dia- complete
an- without, absence
-tripsy to crush
glomerulus first part of kidney where filtration takes place
polyuria high amounts of urine, frequent urination
lithotripsy crushing stones (kidney, gall)
oliguria not producing a lot of urine
anuria absence of urination (sign of dehydration)
hemodialysis filters blood, removes waste from body
cystocele prolapsed bladder
urethra tube that drains urine from bladder outside of body
poly- many
nocturia urination at nite
micturition to urinate
urticaria hives
tinea fungal infection
epidermis top layer of skin
cellulitis infection below the skin
scleroderma connective tissue becomes thick and hard
onychomycosis fungal infection of the nail
melanoma dark growth on skin
hyperhidrosis excessive sweating
erythema redness of skin
hidrosis abnormal sweating
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone marrow and bone
osteoarthritis arthritis
kyphosis hunchback, abnormal cervical curve
osteomalacia softening of bone, adult onset rickets
carpals bones of wrist
diaphysis shaft of long bone
arthroplasty surgical repair of joint
dysplasia abnormal tissue growth
phalanges bones of fingers
vertebrae spine
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