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Where do you find white blood cells? Bloodstream
Bacteria, fungi and viruses can all be referred to as what? Microorganisms
What does ARC stand for? Aids Related Complex
What does HIV stand for? Human Immunodeficiency Virus
What does AIDS stand for? Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
List 3 ways you can protect yourself from HIV through sexual intercourse. 1.) Be faithful to your partner 2.) Discuss your partners health history 3.) Do no have unprotected sex
What is the best way to prevent HIV infection? Abstain from all high risk behaviors
What does "universal precautions" mean? Standard disease protection practices
What does monogamy mean? Having sex with only one other person
If a person uses needles for injections, what can they do to protect themselves from HIV? Don't share needles
Which type of condom is best for protecting against HIV transmission? Latex
What kind of spermicide kills HIV? Nonoxynol-9
List 7 ways HIV is not spread. 1.) Eating/drinking after someone 2.) Giving blood 3.) Kissing 4.) Mosquito bites 5.) Shaking hands 6.) Sharing hot tubs/pools 7.) Spitting on someone
What are the two ways an infected mother can pass HIV on to her baby? 1.) Sharing the same blood supply 2.) Breast milk
How is HIV spread through needle use? Infected blood can be "trapped" inside the hollow part of the needle which is injected into the next user
What are the two non-sexual ways HIV can be spread? 1.) Needle sharing 2.) Pregnant mothers
Are transfusions a non-sexual way HIV can be spread? No
Which 3 types of sexual intercourse can spread HIV? 1.) Vaginal sex 2.) Anal sex 3.) Oral sex
During unprotected sex, which body fluids can carry the HIV virus? Semen, vaginal fluids and menstrual blood
What two things must happen in order for the HIV virus to be spread? 1.) The virus must be present in someones blood 2.) The infected person blood has to get into the bloodstream of a non-infected person
What are two major high risk behaviors that put you at risk for HIV? 1.) Sharing needles 2.) Unprotected sex
What is an "opportunistic infection"? An infection that takes advantage of a weak immune system
Why is it difficult to develop an AIDS vaccine? The cells that normally fight off infection are protecting the virus from antibodies
List 3 reasons why condoms should be used? 1.) You can transmit disease through unprotected sex 2.) Condoms are a good prevention 3.) Everyone must take responsibility to help stop AIDS
List 3 things someone with AIDS can do to take care of their overall health? (Remember 3 out of any of these 5 options) 1.) Get plenty of sleep 2.) Avoid stress 3.) Don't use drugs that slow down your immune system 4.) Get exercise, but don't over do it 5.) Maintain a healthy diet
How long can someone with AIDS live for? 2 years or longer
What is the most widely known drug in treating AIDS? AZT
List 7 symptoms of AIDS. 1.) Sudden weight loss 2.) Night sweats 3.) Unexplained chills or fevers 4.) Diarrhea that won't go away 5.) Rare form of pneumonia 6.) Hair loss 7.) Unexplained tiredness
What are the 3 stages of HIV infection? 1.) HIV 2.) ARC 3.) AIDS
What are two ways that the HIV tests are handled? 1.) Anonymous 2.) Confidential
What are the 3 tests that are used to detect HIV infection? 1.) Western blot 2.) ELISA 3.) Immunofluorescence assay
Why is HIV different from other viruses? The virus uses the immune system's cell to grow and reproduce.
What does HIV use T-Helper cells for? They are used by the virus to multiply itself
What happens to white blood cells after HIV infection? They are destroyed
What function do T-helper cells serve? Organize the body's immune defense
What function do white blood cells serve? Fight off infection
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