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Who was the first person to use high frequency current to remove hair? Henri Bordier
Who was the first person to use galvanic current to remove hair? Dr. Charles Michel
When was galvanic first used to remove hair? 1875
What is not a cause of an endocrine disorder? Hormone balance
What do you call a group of signs or symptoms? Syndrome
In regards to a client's illness or disease, what should the electrologist not do? Diagnose
Which glands secrete their chemical substances directly into the blood stream? Endocrine glands
What is the best way to remove hair in between treatments? Shaving
What do you call hair growth that is caused by an increase of blood supply to the skin? Topical growth
What do you call the natural hair growth pattern on a person? Congenital growth (familial or heredity)
With proper stimulation, what can an accelerated vellus hair turn into? Terminal hair
What are the most common areas to grow excess hair due to an excess of androgens? Chin and upper lip
What do you call excessive hair growth? Hypertrichosis
Can your diet be a direct cause of hirsutism? No
What can an excess of androgens cause? hirsutism
Does shaving every day cause excessive hair growth? No
What is the most important pre-treatment procedure that must be practiced? Hand washing
What is the most important principle in the practitioner-client relationship? Informed consent
Can you treat patients with psoriasis? Yes, just stay away from lesions
How long should you wait to treat your client after she has bleached the hairs that she wants you to treat? 2 weeks
If a diabetic patient's doctor calls you to give permission to treat the client, what should you do? Request the permission be put in writing
If a 13 year old girl wants to be treated, even with her mother's permission, what should you do? Do not treat, client must be at least 14 years of age
If a client asks you to remove hair from a mole, what should you do? Get doctor's written permission
During a consultation, you and the client must discuss any possible side effects of treatment, the expected outcome and possibility of regrowth. At what point during the session should this be discussed? Before beginning treatment
If a client requests you treat an ingrown eyelash, what should you do? Refer client to their eye doctor
If a client shows up with an acne outbreak, what should you do? Work on unaffected areas
Who are the authors that wrote the book "Electrolysis, Thermolysis and The Blend"? 1.) Arthur Hinkel 2.) Richard Lind
Who developed the first machine to use both galvanic and thermolysis on a single probe? 1.) Arthur Hinkel 2.) Henry St. Pierre
Who developed the multiple needle machine? Paul Kree
Created by: ElectricEsti
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