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Mod 1 Ch. 6, 44, 45

Intro to Office Lab and Microbiology

OSHA -Occupational Health and Safety Administration -government agency responsible for safety of all employees.
MSDS Listing of chemical hazards found in the workplace (usually in a binder)
biohazards substances that are potentially infectious (blood, body fluids)
PPE Guidelines -Employer must provide PPE -They must also provide for cleaning and disposal -PPE must by strong enough to act as a barrier -Disposable gloves must not be reused
Eyewash Station -5 min for mild irritation -60 min for corrosive substance
Housekeeping using OSHA Guidelines -PPE is necessary -1:10 bleach / water solution to clean / disinfect surfaces
body fluids Includes everything except urine and sweat.
Fire Safety - PASS Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep
Fire Safety - RACE Rescue Alert Confine Extinguish
Types of PPE -Gloves -Mask -Eye / Face Shield -Gown / lab coat
incident report A written report that's completed when an accident or injury takes place in the workplace.
outside laboratory -Either hospital-based or independent lab that handles many types of specimens including cultures
POL Physician's Office Lab
Physician's Office Lab -This is a lab for testing performed in-office -Results can be received more rapidly
requisition -form that provides essential info about the ordered test -must be included when transporting to outside lab
Lab requisition info -patient's name and dob -physician's name and info -insurance info -diagnosis -source of specimen
Quality Assurance (QA) Process by MA to ensure quality of testing by evaluating lab procedures and policies.
Quality Control (QC) -Physical process to ensure accurate results by testing the equipment. -Focused on physical proof.
CLIA -Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments -Organization responsible for regulating labs and ensuring the accuracy of lab testing.
CLIA-waived tests -Only tests MAs can perform without further training -Include pregnancy, strep, blood glucose, etc
Compound Microscope -bi-ocular (2 sets of oculars) to view microorganisms
Using controls to monitor results -report and repeat test if QC doesn't work
microbiology study of organisms to small to be seen with naked eye (microorganisms)
normal flora beneficial bacteria found in intestines, vaginal area, nose and elsewhere
morphology shape of bacteria
MRSA -Methicillin-resistant Staph aureus -form of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics
VRSA hospital-contracted MRSA
mycology -study of fungi -includes ringworm, yeast infections, and athlete's foot
treatment of fungal infections -requires anti-fungals -can't be treated with antibiotics
common collection methods -swabs -culturette
Throat swab or culture tests for Group A strep
C & S Test -culture and sensitivity test -used to determine which microorganisms are growing -how to effectively kill them -3 tubes are collected; 2nd is most reliable
serology study of the antigen / antibody reactions
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