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Trade Routes


Diffusion The spread of social institutions (and myths and skills) from one society to another
Lateen sail Triangular sail that made it possible to sail against the wind; used in the Indian Ocean trade
Magnetic compass Chinese invention that aided navigation by showing which direction was north
Maritime routes A trade route that stretched across the Indian Ocean
Navigation The science of planning and following a route.
Northern European Trade A trade route that primarily used the Black Sea
Porcelain An expensive commodity that came from China. It is often called "fine China" today
Silk Routes A trade route that stretched across Asia to the Mediterranean basin
Southeast Asian Trade Routes A trade route that used the South China Sea and lands of Southeast Asia
Textiles Fabrics that are woven or knitted; material for clothing
Trans Saharan Routes A trade route that spanned across the Sahara desert
Western European Trade Routes A trade route that primarily used seas and rivers of western Europe
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