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The Americas


Arid extremely dry
Aztec An empire located in the arid valley of Central Mexico. They practiced human sacrifice to please their gods. Main achievements were causeways, aqueducts, canals, and dams. Their economy was based on agriculture. They also used chinampas.
Causeway A road that is raised above water or marshland or sand and paved with cobblestone or pebbles
Chichen Itza The main/capital city of the Mayan Empire
Chinampa The practice of draining swamps and building up fields in shallow lake beds
Colossal Heads Giant stone statues (usually heads) that the Olmec created
Cuzco The capital city of the Inca
High altitude agriculture A method of farming that is adapted for use in mountainous regions
Inca An empire located in the Andes Mountains of South America. The capital city was Cuzco, but the most important city was Machu Picchu. The economy was based on high altitude agriculture and the use of terrace farms. The main achievements were record keeping
Machu Picchu The most important city of the Inca
Maya An empire in the Mexican and Central American rain forests on the Yucatan Peninsula. Their economy was based on agriculture. They were an organization of city states ruled by kings. The capital was Chichen Itza. Main achievements were hieroglyphs, 365 day
Mesoamerica A term used to describe Mexico and Central America
Olmec A Mesoamerican civilization that is mostly known for their "Colossal Heads" The name means "rubber people"
Polytheism The belief in more than one god
Quipu An Incan record keeping system in which they would tie knots in strings
Tenochtitlan The capital city of the Aztecs (modern day Mexico City)
Terrace farms Farms raised due to mountainous terrain. It was used by the Inca.
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