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Renaissance - People


Bruegel the Elder Northern Renaissance artist known for depicting peasant life
Castiglione wrote "The Courtier" which was a handbook on how to be the perfect Renaissance man (or woman).
Da Vinci Italian artist, scientist, engineer, architect, and inventor. He is most well known for his painting of the "Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper."
Dante Alighieri Italian author who wrote "The Divine Comedy" which emphasized politics and human interests.
Donatello Early Renaissance artist who sculpted the first freestanding nude David
Durer Northern Renaissance artist who created woodcuts and engravings.
Erasmus A Northern Renaissance humanist from Flanders who wrote "The Praise of Folly" in which he poked fun at the clergy, scholars, and merchants.
Ghiberti Early Renaissance artist who created the bronze reliefs on the doors to the Florence Cathedral baptistery.
Gutenberg Invented the movable type printing press which allowed for mass production of books. The first mass published book was the Bible. These Bibles were then called Gutenberg Bible.
Hans Holbein Northern Renaissance artist who is famous for portraits (Henry VIII).
Isabella D'Este A patron of the arts from Mantua. Leonardo Da Vinci did a sketch of her
Machiavelli Wrote "The Prince" which was a secular treatise on how to be a good ruler. The main message is "the ends justify the means."
Medici A prominent banking family in Florence who inadvertently ruled Florence. They were patrons to the arts, mostly Michelangelo.
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance artist who is most well known for his sculptures of the marble "David" and "La Pieta." He was also commissioned to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Pope Julius II commissioned him to design the dome of Saint Peter's Cathedral.
Petrarch He is considered to be the "father of humanism." he wrote in prose and poetry about classical virtues. He wrote in Latin and his vernacular, Italian. Many of his sonnets were to a woman named Laura
Pope Julius II Hired Michelangelo to design the dome of Saint Peter's Cathedral.
Raphael Italian Renaissance artist most known for his painting "The School of Athens." This painting included many notable people from ancient Greece as well as his peers in the arts.
Sforza patron family of Milan
Shakespeare English playwright who wrote about the human condition in both tragedies and comedies.
Sir Thomas More Northern humanist who wrote Utopia describing a perfect society and world, while also trying to point out that it would never be.
Jan Van Eyck Northern Renaissance artist who is known for his paintings with vivid color and detail (The Marriage Portrait)
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