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LMA - Terms


Black Death A plague the struck Europe by way of merchants ships from the east. It killed 1/3 of the population, which took a toll on employment. This, in turn, ended the feudal system. 25 million people died from 1347-1352 from known cases of the plague.
Common Law A uniform system of law that developed in England based on court decisions and on customs and usage rather than on written law codes.
Crusades A series of wars between Christians and Muslims fought for control of the Holy Land.
Decameron A text written by Giovanni Boccaccio describing the Black Death's arrival in Europe.
Holy Land Jerusalem and parts of the surrounding area where Jesus lived and taught
Hundred Years War A war from 1337-1453 between the English and the French. The war resulted in a sense of nationalism for both nations.
Jacquerie A French peasants' revolt in which they demanded higher wages.
Little ice age A period of extreme cold in the 14th century that contributed to a shorter growing season and increase of famine
Longbow A superior weapon for the English in the Hundred Years War. It allowed for arrows to travel further difference with greater ferocity.
Magna Carta A charter drawn up by barons of England that removed absolute power from the king and put some power in the hands of the nobles. It means Great Charter
Nationalism a feeling of loyalty to one's country and/or people
Norman Conquest A siege led by William, Duke of Normandy who believed he was the rightful heir to the English throne. His ultimate victory came at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
Papal the Pope
Parliament England's representative law making body.
Peasant Revolt In 1381, English serfs revolted demanding higher wages. The peasants lost.
Scholasticism the idea of using reason as the guide to truth and morality
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