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LMA - People


Charles V King of Spain who greatly expanded the Spanish Empire in the Western Hemisphere.
Ferdinand and Isabella Spanish monarchs who were strongly Catholic. They removed all Moors and Jews from their empire.
Giovanni Boccaccio Italian author who wrote "Decameron" describing the onset of the Black Death.
Henry II King of England who established common law.
Hugh Capet He was a French monarch who established the Capetian Dynasty in France. He made Paris his capital and he expanded control over most of modern day France.
Ivan the Great Czar of Russia who threw off the rule of the Mongols, centralized power in Moscow and expanded the Russian nation.
Joan of Arc A French peasant girl who served as a unifying factor in the Hundred Years War. She fought for the French as a man and was later captured by the English who burned her at the stake.
King John "Softsword" King of England who waged many wars with France, though he was very unsuccessful. The fact that he could not fight well earned him the name "softsword."
Mehmet II Leader of the Ottoman Turks when they lay siege to Constantinople.
Ottoman Turks A group who sacked Constantinople in 1453, leading to it's downfall. The Ottoman Turks then renamed Constantinople Istanbul and made it the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
Pope Urban II His speech initiated the Crusades.
Saladin Muslim leader who captured Jerusalem in the Second Crusade.
William the Conqueror He was the leader of the Norman Conquest in 1066, which established him as the rightful English monarch.
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