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Early Middle Ages


Angles One of two Germanic tribes from the United Kingdom. They resided in the southern part of England.
Charlemagne His name means Charles the Great. He was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD by the Pope at Christmas mass. He conquered most of Europe and also promoted education for the masses.
Feudal obligations King governed and gave land to the nobles. The nobles governed their own fiefs and paid homage to the King. The knights protected the peasants and the nobles. The peasants tended the land and made sure everyone had food.
Feudalism It is a social and political system in which obligations are made to serve and provide for the class above you in exchange for military protection.
Fief It is a land grant under the feudal system.
Germanic tribes Any member of an invading group to western Europe from the Germanic region
Magyars A Germanic tribe from Hungary that invaded Western Europe.
Manor system It is the economic system by which a lord allowed serfs to farm land on his estate in return for food or other payment.
Missionaries It is people who travel in an effort to spread their faith
Monastaries It is a religious community where Christians, called monks, gave up their possessions and devoted their lives to serving God.
Saxons One of two Germanic tribes from the United Kingdom. They resided in the northern part of the island
Secular It is to be focused on worldly or non-religious things
Serf A peasant in the feudal system who is tied to the land, meaning they can never leave. They were never property, bought, or sold and therefore were not slaves.
Vassal A person who receives or accepts a land grant/fief
Vikings A Germanic tribe from Scandinavia who invaded much of inland Europe due to their success with a long boat which allowed them to navigate seas and shallow rivers. They were famous for attacking monasteries.
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