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Byzantine and Russia


"Third Rome" It is the name given to early Russia after they assumed the title of czar which means Caesar.
Celibacy The act of not engaging in sexual relations.
Constantinople It is the capital city of the Byzantine Empire. It fell in 1453 A.D. to the Ottoman Turks. It served as an important trade center between the east and the west.
Cyrillic Alphabet It is an alphabet created for the Slavic people so they could read the Bible. It was created by St. Cyril and Methodius and promoted the spread of Christianity into Russia.
Golden Horde It is the name of Mongolian Russia
Greek Orthodox Christianity The second branch or sect of Christianity that resulted from conflict between churches in Constantinople and the Church in Rome
Hagia Sophia It was a massive church in Constantinople commissioned by Justinian. After the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople, it became a mosque
Icons Any religious image
Ivan the Great Russian Czar who removed the Mongols from power in Russia.
Justinian He is the most well-known of all Byzantine rulers. He conquered former Roman territories, created a uniform law code that set the precedent for future law codes, and commissioned the construction of the Hagia Sophia.
Justinian's Code A uniform system of law that consisted of four parts. In his laws, he included many old Roman laws as well as his own.
Kiev It was the capital city and an important trade center of ancient Russia. It remained the capital until the Mongols.
Mosaic It is a form of art where images are created from small pieces of stone or glass put together.
Onion dome A type of architecture used in the Byzantine Empire and Russia. The dome resembles the shape of an onion.
Patriarch the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Pope the head of the Roman Catholic Church
Tsar/czar It is the title of a Russian ruler which means Caesar.
Vladimir Russian prince who was the first Russian monarch to convert to Christianity.
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