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Greece - Terms


Aegean Basin Lands that surround the Aegean Sea
Aristocracy Government where law making decisions are in the hands of a group of elite members of society
Barter To trade one good for another
Currency Paper money (or coinage)
Delian League An alliance formed by the Greek city states in order to defeat the Persians during the Persian Wars.
Golden Age of Pericles A prosperous time period in Athens between the two major wars: Persian and Peloponnesian. Pericles instituted direct democracy and had Athens rebuilt, including the commission of the Parthenon.
Greek citizens Only free adult males
Hellenistic Culture A unique blended culture spread by Alexander the Great that included cultures from the places of his conquests: Persia, India, Greece, and Egypt.
Marathon A city state of ancient Greece and a major battle site of the Persian Wars. The Greeks, unexpectedly, defeated the Persians in the battle. A man named Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles to Athens to deliver the news.
Monarchy Government where rule is done by a single ruler, usually a king or queen. Power is usually inherited, like a dynasty
Mythology Gods and stories that are used to explain the natural phenomena and flaws of the world
Oligarchy Government where the law making decisions are in the hands of a small group
Peloponnesian League An alliance formed between Greek city states on Peloponnesus in order to defeat Athens who became a dominant power after the Persian Wars.
Peloponnesian War A war that was caused by competition between Greek city states after Athens became powerful following the Persian Wars. Sparta created an alliance with the Persians in order to defeat the Athenians.
Persian Wars A series of wars between the Persian Empire and Greece. These wars united the Greek city states against a common external enemy: the Persians
Polytheistic The belief in more than one god
Salamis A major sea battle during the Persian Wars. The Greeks (Athenian navy) were able to defeat the Persians by using battering rams located at the front of their ships. The Athenian naval commander Themistocles also surprised the Persians w/ time of attack.
Tyranny A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator
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