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Greece - People


Aeschylus Greek playwright who is known for his play Prometheus Bound.
Alexander the Great Macedonian conqueror. He expanded his power into Africa and to the border of India. Considered one of the greatest conquerors of all time. He named many cities in the lands he conquered after himself: Alexandria.
Archimedes Greek scientist and mathematician known for developing the lever and pulley as well as accurately estimating pi
Aristotle Greek philosopher who believed logic needed to be used to find the golden mean. He was also a teacher of Alexander the Great.
Draco Greek tyrant known for his extreme policies such as debt slavery
Euclid Greek mathematician known for his work in geometry. As such, he is called the father of geometry. His work is collected in a book called "The Elements"
Herodotus Greek historian known as the father of history. He wrote about the Persian Wars and said that we must re-search in order to accurately portray history.
Hippocrates Greek physician who is known as the father of modern medicine. Today people in the medical profession are required to take the Hippocratic Oath.
Homer Blind Greek poet known for his epics: "The Iliad and The Odyssey."
Pericles Greek leader who led Athens into a golden age.
Phidias Greek sculptor who is known for the statue of Athena in the Parthenon.
Phillip II of Macedonia Father of Alexander the Great who conquered most of Greece.
Plato Greek philosopher who is known for his strong beliefs on government. These can be found in his text "The Republic." He was also a teacher of Aristotle.
Pythagoras Greek mathematician known for his work with triangles. He developed the Pythagorean Theorem.
Socrates Greek philosopher who argued people must use question and reasoning to find the truth in things. He was condemned to death. Rather than let the government kill him, he poisoned himself with hemlock. He was also a teacher of Plato.
Solon Greek ruler who ended the policy of debt slavery
Sophocles Greek playwright who is known for his play Oedipus
Thucydides Greek historian who wrote about the Peloponnesian Wars. He said that in order to provide accurate history, scholars must avoid bias in their research.
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