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Mod G Unit 4


semi half
hemi half
dec ten
nov nine
oct eight
sept seven
sex six
hex six
quint five
penta five
tetra four
quad four
tri three
bi two
du two
uni one
mono one
supra above
retro behind, backwards
juxta or para near beside
inter between
sub under, below
infra below
extra outside
epi upon, over
intra, in in, within
circum, peri around
brachi arm
acro extremities
dactyl/o finger, toes
periton, peritone/o peritoneum
lumb/o lumbar region
lapar/o abdomen
thorac/o chest
cervic/o neck
cephal/o head
phil/o attraction
ped/o child
pyr/o fire
klept/o steal
somat/o body
orex/o appetite
claustr/o closing
anthrop/o man
phobia fear
agor/o market place
The body’s response to a change stress
Regarding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first level in this theory consists of physical
The way someone believes things to be are their own perception
Regarding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, on the ________________ level are needs for recognition include self-esteem, respect of others, success in work, and prestige in the community fourth
Medical techniques that are NOT part of the standard Western approach to medicine are called alternative
Regarding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the second level of needs consists of needs connected to safety and security
Coping tools that help us deal with conflict is called _____________________ mechanism defense
Irrational fear of objects, activities, or situations are phobia
Disorders associated with long-term stress include HTN, heart disease, and ulcers
An appropriate reaction to genuine danger is called fear
What is the part of the personality designed to promote proper behavior superego
What is the correct order for the stages of grief denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
What physician is credited with using a three-part organizational model to explain the structure of personality Freud
In which developmental stage does the child discover his or her surroundings infancy
What could be defined as inventing acceptable reason for our behavior rationalization
Psychosocial growth includes emotional and social
Common reactions to illness include anger, anxiety, and defensive behavior
Understanding the various developmental stages is beneficial to the medical assistant so that he/ she will use age appropriate
What are three areas of culture difference you may come across in the field eye contact, gestures, concept of time
What would be an appropriate response for the medical assistant when a patient is angry let them vent
Why is it important for the medical assistant to be knowledgeable about the cultural background of a patient communication
In some Asian cultures, direct eye contact is considered disrespectful
Physical changes and challenges by peer group pressures occur in which developmental stage adolescent
Cultural behaviors, when misunderstood, can create ____________________ to effective communication barriers
Any sensory perception that occurs with no external cause hallucinations
A condition of being without pleasure is anhedonia
A normal psychological impulse drive associated with sensuality, expressions of desire, or creativity libido
The condition of abnormal development of social interaction, impaired communication, and repetitive behaviors autism
In GAD, the A stands for anxiety
Auditory hallucinations, delusions, and thought disturbances are characteristic of schizophrenia
PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder
A mental disorder in which the individual experiences a progressive loss of memory, personality alterations, confusion, loss of touch with reality, and stupor dementia
A disorder characterized by impulsive, unpredictable mood and self-image, resulting in unstable interpersonal relationships and a tendency to see and respond to others as unwaveringly good or evil is _______________________ personality disorder borderline
A generalized negative mood characterized by depression is dysphoria
Abnormal activation of physiological functions during the sleep cycle is parasomnia
A disorder characterized by swings between an elevation of mood, increased energy and activity, and a lowering of mood and decreased energy is bipolar
A prolonged refusal to eat adequate amounts of food and an altered perception of what constitutes a minimal body weight, caused by a morbid fear of becoming obese, is anorexia
An uncontrollable impulse to steal is kleptomania
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