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Mod G Unit 3


The act of billing an insurance company for tests and procedures that were never performed may result in a case being brought against the medical facility for fraud
The type of law that applies to most malpractice suits is civil
Illegally performing something legal: in law, the abuse of lawful authority in order to achieve a desired result misfeasance
Failure to meet legal obligations: in law, the omission of some act that is expected to have been performed nonfeasance
Doing something that is illegal malfeasance
The “four Ds” necessary to prove negligence in a malpractice case duty, dereliction, direct cause, damages
When one employee engages another with unwanted comments or physical contact of a sexual nature, it is considered harassment
A 30-year-old patient felt discomfort in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen for 6 months after having surgery. On a subsequent x-ray examination, it was discovered that the surgeon had left a sponge in the patient. The statute of limitations begins w X-rays
To take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, Mary Ellen should seek employment in a facility that employs more than 50 people
Lois Collagen had her nose reconfigured by a plastic surgeon. Two days after the surgery, she had a nosebleed and noticed that she had an elevated temperature. She did not report this to her physician. As a result, her nose became badly inflamed, and the comanative/contributory
Employees who believe that they have been discriminated against in their hiring, firing, or employment are able to make complaints to the Equal Employee Opportunity Commission
When a patient initiates a legal suit, the patient is known as the plaintiff
A legal document that requires a person to appear in court or be available for a statement subpoena
The hazardous chemical standards plan will hold the MSDS Sheet
The right to life also extends to the right to refuse treatment. This right is well established for adults and is confirmed in the 1990 Patient Self Determination Act
The government agency responsible for the physical protection of employees in the workplace is the OSHA
Laws that have been enacted by a legislative body are called statutes
An alternative to going to trial is for both sides to present their case to a selected third party and to abide by that party’s decision. This is called arbitration
The type of law that establishes agencies of the federal government such as the DEA and the FDA is administrative law
A Latin phrase meaning “Let the master answer” is Respondeat Superior
Contract requirements include lawful matter, offer, competent parties, and acceptance
The intentional act of touching another person in a socially unacceptable manner without their consent battery
An under aged person legally separated from his or her parents is called emancipated minor
Explaining what procedure is to be done and why, what is going to happen, and who will be doing the procedure in terms the patient can understand is informed consent
Care given in good faith is protected from civil liability if persons provide care within their scope of training is called the good Samaritan
Disobedience to authority is called insubordination
Talk, widely disseminated opinion with no discernible source, or a statement that is not known to be true is called rumor
The mental and emotional condition, enthusiasm, loyalty, or confidence of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand is morale
To intentionally put off doing something that should be done is procrastination
Something suggested by a word or thing is called connotation
Deciding which tasks are most important is called prioritizing
When medical assistants are able to adapt to various situations, they are considered to be flexible
Probably the most important asset a medical assistant can offer the employer a good attitude
Faithfulness or allegiance to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product is loyalty
A task that is noted as a B priority should be done today
A task that is noted as an E priority is probably an errand
Office politics can be positive
If a medical assistant has a conflict with a co-worker, he or she should first go to the ___________________________ with whom they have the issue with person
What is one of the most common physical places in which confidentiality is breached elevators
Corresponding in size, amount, extent, or degree and equal in measure is the definition for commensurate
Personal baggage does not ever interfere with the medical assistant’s ability to perform his or her job duties False
When patients have a problem, they should be referred to the person who knows the most about that particular situation True
Often the success of a business is directly related to effective communication True
Legible, neat handwriting can make a huge difference in a lawsuit True
In some cases, it is acceptable for the medical assistant to share personal difficulties with patients False
G-Tube gastric tube
GB gallbladder
GBS gallbladder series
GC gonorrhea
GERD gastricesophogeal reflux disease
GU genitourinary
gtts drops
gyn gynecology
hgb, hct hemoglobin, hematocrit
HHA home health agency
H2O water
HS,hs hour sleep/bed time
ht height
HX,hx history
derma skin
desis binding
dynia pain
ectasia expansion/dilation
ectomy removal
edem swelling
ema condition
emesis vomiting
emia blood
emic related to blood
esthesia sensation
form in the shape of
genesis production, origin
genic producing
globin protein
globulin protein
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