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Mod G Unit 1


T temp
Sx symptom
subq,subc subcutaneous
STD sexually transmitted disease
STAT Immediately
staph staphylococcus
s&s,s/s signs and symptoms
spec grav,sp gr specific gravity
spec specimen
S/P, s/p status post
SOB shortness of breath
sm small
sl sub-lingual
SA sinoatrial
s with a line over it without
enter/o intestines
enchephal/o brain
emia blood condition
derma skin
dacry/o tear
cyt/o cell
cyst/o bladder
colp/o vagina
cleid/o collarbone/clavicle
cilia hair
chondr/o cartilage
carp/o wrist
cardi/o heart
capit head
bronch/o bronchus
blephar/o eyelid
arthr/o joint
arteri/o artery
an/o anus
angi/o vessel
adren/o adrenal gland
aden/o gland
When a cast is removed there may be a significant amount of what muscle flabbiness, scaly and pale skin
What angle should the pt’s elbows be bent with a walker 25 degrees
What's the proper temp for a hot water bottle 115 degrees
The dosage for an ultrasound is prescribed in watts
What is commonly used on an infected area heat therapy
How much space should be between the armpit and the top of the crutch 2-3 fingers
What is used to reduce swelling ice
What should the MA do if the pt complains of pain during an ultrasound treatment stop
Which ambulatory device provides stability, balance, and coordination walker
Selection of gait patterns depends on what age
What is used to release discomfort from deep muscle tissue heat
What is a short arm cast used for wrist FX
What should the pt be instructed to report after cast application look for cold or blue fingers/toes
What two things are used to treat infections, improve circulation, and reduce swelling cold and heat
Why is it important for the MA to be familiar with the role of the team to better coordinate care
What is it called when a pt comes into the office for care and then goes home ambulatory care
Who said surgical infection is God given and inevitable Joseph Lister
Who was responsible for disinfection of doctors hands during child birth Ignas Philipp Semmelweis
What is the most important reason for the MA to be knowledgeable about various health care deliveries to coordinate services
What two scientist developed the polio vaccine___________________ and Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk
Completing education requirements, completing additional training of 3-5 years, and pass national boards are all requirements for becoming a physician
What scientist first described the heart working as a pump William Harvey
The Greek physicians influence medicine during the dark ages by discouraging any further study because ____________________ and __________________were considered being the final authorities Hippocrates and Galen
An otorhinolaryngologist treats what ear, nose, throat
A major contribution of the Greeks and Romans to modern medicine was _________________and__________________derived from mythology and became medical terminology phrases and words
Who was the 5th most cited scientist Anthony Faucci
What would not be part of the MA’s duties diagnosis
What is it called when many people catch the same thing pandemic
The preparation and publication of a report that rated the quality of medical schools was done by Abraham Flexner
Who made the contribution to medicine, that surgical techniques are based on sound pathological evidence John Hunter
The most famous medical school John Hopkins
What happens to the life of the business when a physician dies dies with them
Who is considered to be the most brilliant mind in the research for AIDS David Ho
Who performed the first heart transplant Christian Barnard
Family practices treat what type of pt’s all ages
The father of modern medicine contributed what Hippocratic Oath
Who did the caduceus staff belong to Hermes
What gait is used when a pt’s can bear some weight on each leg_ 2 point
What is used to make certain energy given off by the ultrasound head is taken to the body tissue coupling agent
An ice application should not be left on for more than 20 min
How many inches should the walker be picked up and moved forward by the pt_ 6
What instrument is used to measure angles when taking crutch measurements goniometer
What are the advantages to using fiberglass for cast instead of plaster set and dry faster
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