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Mod F Unit 4


What gland is both an exocrine and an endocrine gland pancreas
An elevated blood glucose level is known as hyperglycemia
What endocrine gland requires iodine to function properly thyroid
Addison disease is a deficiency of hormones from the adrenal gland
The parathyroid gland is responsible for regulating circulating calcium
Oxytocin is responsible for starting the onset of labor
What gland is found in the sella turcica pituitary
What hormone stimulates the development of an egg in the ovary FSH
Which gland atrophies as the person ages thymus
What gland is both an endocrine gland and a lymph organ thymus gland
What glands sits atop of the kidneys adrenals
Prolactin stimulates what milk production
What blood test is done to assess the amount of T4, T3, and calicitonin TFT
What type of organ contains receptors that cause it to react to certain hormones target organs
What are chemical mediators and are sometimes called local hormones prostaglandins
Overactive GH of the anterior pituitary gland in children causes gigantism
Underactive GH of the anterior pituitary gland causes dwarfism
Underactive adrenal cortex causes addison disease
Overactive GH of the anterior pituitary gland in adults causes acromegaly
Overactive adrenal gland causes cushings disease
Overactive thyroid causes grave's disease
Pancreas, islets of Langerhans are responsible for controlling what disease diabetes mellitus
Underactive thyroid in children cretinism
Underactive parathyroid gland tetany
Overactive pineal gland SAD
Abnormal hairiness, especially in women, is hirsutism
The condition of excessive appetite is polyphagia
Undersecretion of ADH resulting in polydipsia and polyuria is diabetes insipidus
The condition of excessive thirst is polydipsia
Somatotropin deficiency during childhood that results in dwarfism is GHD
One type of what disorder that may be accompanied by exophthalmia is termed Graves disease hyperthyroidism
Hypersecretion of somatotropin from the adenohypophysis during childhood, leading to excessive growth is gigantism
Continuous muscle spasms are tetany
The islets of Langerhans are in the pancrease
Excessive secretion of cortisol leading to obesity, leukocytosis, hirsutism, hypokalemia, hyper- glycemia, and muscle wasting is cushings
Beta cells secrete insulin
A test used to measure the average glucose levels to monitor diabetes mellitus A1C
The external portion of the adrenal gland is the adrenal cortex
Another name for the anterior pituitary is the anterohypophysis
Another name for antidiuretic hormone vasopression
crin/o to secrete
aden/o gland
trop/o to turn
lact/o milk
gen/o origin
natr/o sodium
glyc/o sugar
calc/o calcium
poly many, excessive
kal/i potassium
ectomy removal
endo within
oma tumor
ism condition
pan all or everywhere
hypo low/below
hyper excessive
emia blood condition
ia condition
an without, lacking
ex beyond, out
acro extremities
megaly enlargement
phys/o to grow
crin to secrete
oxy rapid
graphy record
tom/o to cut, section, slice
son/o sound
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