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Mod F Unit 1


An example of a joint referred to as a diarthrosis is Hip/Shoulder
Osteoblasts bone building cells
The bursa of a joint is the sac around the joint
Bones grow in length from epiphyseal plates
What ribs have only a posterior attachment floating
Amphiarthrosis slightly moveable
A mature bone cell osteocyte
an example of a hinge joint knee/elbow
Rickets is a deficiency of vita D
What are found in the hip bone, part of a freely moving joint, and in hip sockets acetabulum
An exaggerated curve of the thoracic spine kyphosis
What houses the pituitary gland sphenoid
What is a neoplasm of the bone sarcoma
What are the soft spots of the skull called fontanels
Rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, and carpel tunnel are all diseases of the joint
Patella knee cap
calcaneus heel bone
clavicle collarbone
scapula shoulder blade
shinbone tibia
zygomatic cheekbone
ossicles ear bone
sternum breast bone
mandible lower jaw
maxilla upper jaw
Molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration in a passive transport system
What plane divides the body into left and right sagittal
In a hypertonic solution, a red blood cell will crenate
What separates the abd cavity and the thoracic cavity diaphragm
Which transport system uses mechanical pressure to push particles through a membrane filtration
what lines the pleural cavity parietal pleura
The functional unit of the body cell
The respiratory system uses _________________ to exchange the gases oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs diffusion
The type of cartilage that covers the ends of bone is hyaline
Which structure of the cell contains the genetic material DNA nucleus
The most abundant tissue type in the body is connective
how many thoracic vertebrae are there 12
Another name for the frontal plane is the coronal
Put the divisions of the spinal column in correct descending order from the brain cervical, thoracic,lumbar,sacral,coccyx
How many quadrants are there? 4
How many regions are there? 9
The appendix is found in what cavity abd
The energy needed for active transport ATP
The pituitary and pineal glands are found in what cavity cranial
What type of tissue covers the body surface and lines the body cavities? epithelial
The type of connective tissue found between tissues and organs areolar
cyte cell
plasia formation
exo out of
epi above
arthr/o joint
ten/o tendon
gastro stomach
adip/o fat
thym/o thymus
dextro right
Fx fracture
RNA Ribonucleic acid
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
ATP Adenosine triphosphate
CS cervical spine
LS lumbar spine
TS thoracic
BDT bone density test
BK below knee
ROM range of motion
FROM full range of motion
CTS carpal tunnel syndrome
OA osteoarthritis
DJD degenerative joint disease
Jt joint
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