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Mod E Unit 4


within normal limits WNL
urinalysis UA
tablespoon TBSP
barium enema BE
chest xray CXR
blood group ABO
potassium K
sodium Na
oxygen O2
carbon dioxide CO2
erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR
immunoglobulin Ig
basophils Baso
rhesus RH
neutrophils neut
platelets plats
eosinophil’s EOS
stasis stopping
oma tumor
meta change, beyond
carcin/o cancer
ana again, apart
neo new
sarc/o connective tissue
bas/o basic, base
oste/o bone
chondr/o cartilage
apo seperate, away
dys painful, difficult
ecto outer
endo within, inner
meso middle
meta change, beyond
falling -ptosis
cancer of connective tissue sarcoma
stopping, controlling stasis
What images show(s) up on x-ray film in the whitest coloration bones
The patient is told to have no food or liquid by mouth the night before the test they are said to be NPO
high-energy electromagnetic impulses X-Ray
The initial study of a patient who is experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms is usually a upper GI series
When taking x-ray films, two views of the body part being examined are taken. These views are usually at what angle 90 degrees of each other
X-ray technicians who wear monitors to determine their exposure to radiation are said to be practicing dosimetry
In the PA projection, the x-ray beam passes through the patient from posterior to anterior
The substance that prevents x-rays from traveling out from the source in all directions is lead
In which view does the x-ray beam pass through the body at an angle oblique
What modalities make it possible to observe organs of the body in motion fluroscopy
When using which contrast medium must the medical assistant ask if the patient is allergic to shellfish? iodine
The contrast medium that is most often used for gastrointestinal studies is barium
The spread of cancer by direct extension or to distant sites is metastasis
To study the gallbladder, the physician may order a cholecystogram
Malignant tumors derived from bone marrow are leakemia
An intravenous pyelogram is ordered when the physician wants more information about the KUB
Malignant tumors derived from epithelial tissue are carcinoma
The patient has been told not to apply any deodorant on the day of a scheduled test. The patient is going to have mammogram
Malignant tumors derived from connective tissue are sarcomas
An angiogram is used to study blood vessels
The majority of malignant tumors are carcinomas
The radiologic technique used to produce multiple images in selected planes or slices of tissues is tomography
New growths are neoplasm
The diagnostic procedure that uses a transducer to emit high-frequency sound waves is ultrasound
A typical prothrombin time range is_________________________seconds 11-12.5
The type of diagnostic procedure that cannot be used for patients who have pacemakers or prosthetics containing metal parts is MRI
The diagnostic procedure that is considered safest during pregnancy is ultrasound
If cancer cells appear only at the original site and have not invaded the organ of origin, it is called carcinoma in site
Treatment using radiation is termed radiography
A determination of the dedifferentiation of cancer cells is called grading
The ___________________________ node is the first node in which lymphatic drainage occurs in a particular area. sentinal
A system of determining how much a cancer has spread from its original site is staging
Cancer cells that appear only at the original site and have not invaded the organ of origin are called CIS
A term meaning NOT cancerous is benign
The use of the body’s own defense system to attack cancer cells is immunotherapy
A radiographic technique used for the early detection of breast cancer is a mammogram
The use of cancer-destroying medicine throughout the body is chemotherapy
Therapy using radiation placed directly on the cancer through the use of needles or beads containing radioactive gold, cobalt, or radium is brachytherapy
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