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Mod E Unit 1


WBC white blood cell
RBC red blood cell
CBC complete blood count
BMP basic metabolic panel
CA cancer
Bx biopsy
BP blood pressure
GB gallbladder
HTN hypertension
NKA no known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
RA rheumatoid arthritis
SOB shortness of breath
C with a line over it with
S with a line over it without
XR X-Ray
US ultrasound
CAT computed axial tomography
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
PET positron emission tomography
crit to seperate
cyst/o bladder
hemat/o blood
oma tumor, mass
o/logy study of
iatrist, -ologist, -ist one who specializes
a-, an without
aden/o gland
cyt/o cell
ectomy removal
endo within
erythr/o red
hepat/o liver
hist/o tissue
itis inflammation
leuk/o white
is used to puncture the skin at various depths lancet
If a microscope’s objective lens was set on 100x (oil immersion), the total magnification would be 1000x
Used as evidence in a court of law refers to chain of custody
What is the centrifuge used for to separate blood and urine
What urine test requires the patient to discard the first morning urine 24hr
What is the most common vein used for a venipuncture median cephalic
What type of urine collection has the patient void a small amount and collect the specimen into the cup mid stream
A patient’s hematocrit test result is usually the patient’s hemoglobin test result. 3x
What must you perform to evaluate the quality of test results quality controls
Diabetes, kidney disease, and UTI’s are all diagnosed by running what test UA
What should be used to clean the microscope lens lens paper
According to CLIA what type of test would a rapid strep fall under waived test
What department studies the immune responses of the body serology
What color of tube would you use to collect a CBC lavender
What color of tube does not contain additives and is used for whole blood red
all does the buffy coat consist of WBC, Platelets
What is the most common anticoagulant is used in vacutainers EDTA
When unclotted whole blood is centrifuged, what go(es) to the top of the tube. plasma
When should the tourniquet be released on the last tube of blood
What is HDL good cholesterol
The 2-hour postprandial test is done to screen for diabetes
What is used to detects the presence and amount of a substance in the urine reagent strip
The glucose tolerance test is a(n) _______ test. timed
The first drop of blood collected from a skin puncture for a blood smear should be wiped away
Materials suspended in urine that are not dissolvable solutes
Lab form showing the identification of a specimen and the lab test to be performed laboratory requisition
A sweet-smelling, “fruity” odor to urine can be an indication of diabetes
What test measures how fast RBC’s settle at the bottom of a tube ESR
CLIA-waived tests signify minimal risk of error
The blood test that measures the average glucose level in the RBCs for a 3-month period is the glycosylated hemoglobin
The first morning specimen of urine is requested many times as the choice of specimen because more concentrated
Liquid portion of blood plasma
The top liquid portion is the __________________________________of a centrifuged urine specimen supernatant
Bilirubin in the urine can be an indication of liver disease
What test measures the kidney’s ability to concentrate urine specific gravity
An instrument used to separate blood centrifuge
What urine test is the most frequently performed urine test random
Blood in urine is called hematuria
What gauge of needle is used to draw a large sample of blood 18-22
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