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Mod C Unit 4


The advantages of the electronic health record include ______,_____, and ______ Security, multiple users, and decision support
The electronic medical record differs from the paper-based record by including what functions? ______ and _____ alert, reminders
Legislation which makes it a criminal offense to accept bribes or payment for services rendered (this includes money, gifts, gratuities or discounts) is called the ______ Anti-Kickback statute
What software applications commonly interface with the electronic health record_______ transcription
Health care organizations, administrators and clinicians want to be assured that the EHR will improve the quality of _____ care
The ____ published two major reports that outlined the functionality of the computerized patient record Institute of Medicine
A drug interaction alert would be a typical function of a ___ decision support system. Clinical
An industry standard that explains what should, shall, and must be included in the electronic health record is called a ______ standard functional model
One of the major challenges in developing a computer-based patient record is _______ interoperability
A disadvantage of the EHRs__________ and ________. cost, training
Federal mandates to protect patient information are incorporated into the ________. HIPAA
The most common type of health information is ________. clinical data
Transaction standards for electronic data interchange in health care have been developed by ________. HL-7
________ is defined as intentional acts, deception or misrepresentation of billing information to gain insurance benefits Fraud
Under the Security Rule, physician practices that transmit electronic data must provide ______________. Cyber Space Insurance
The security rule only covers _______________ while privacy covers ___________, ___________, and ________. electronic PHI, oral, written and electronic
HIPAA established national standards that address _______, ______, and _________. privacy, confidentially and security
What type of record is considered the bridge to the EHR? This type of record is stored on both paper and electronic media. hybrid
When a medical assistant request the record of a patient for whom he or she did not provide care or treatment, the medical assistant had violated HIPAA's _________ principle. Need to Know
Tracking of an appointment is considered a(n) ________ use of the EHR. administrative
________ is best demonstrated when data elements and information are collected by one system and shared with another. Accessing
SOAP notes are considered _________ data. clinical
Safety requirements such as fire alarms, extinguishers, smoke detectors and equipment are referred to as _______ safeguards. Physical
Whistle-blower protections are known as _____________. Qui-Tam Statute
__________ is the process of identifying the author? Authentication
The acronym used in the HIPAA Security Rule for protected health information in the electronic format ________. EPHI
_________ is the practice of securing data by changing the original message in the text so it is unreadable - it is used to protect data when transmitting information electronically. encryption
Data elements such as temperature, pulse and respiration would be charted as ________ data. clinical
What tool provided the caregiver with clinical information that can be used for gathering data and information for a variety of computer systems _________ support. decision
Demographic, medical record number, physician name and address are examples of __________ data. administrative
A principle of the HIPAA Privacy Rule that allows access to protected health information based on the user's role or job requirements is called ____________. Need to Know
Authentication controls, encrypting and decrypting data are examples of _________ safeguards. technical
__________ is standard that provides a means to exchange (communicate) patient information. Messaging
What accurately describes a covered entity _______ provider. healthcare
The traditional method is used in the collection and storage of medical information is the ________ format. paper
A health care clearinghouse company performs what type of function? __________ billing
Improper or harmful conduct by a health care business (e.g., insurance, medical office) in its fiscal or ethical practices is called ________. abuse
___________ provided standards for the electronic protected health information. Security Rule
The electronics health record usually contains a system whereby the physician can order medications. this order can be directly linked to an insurance formulary and the patient's pharmacy. It is called __________________. computerized physicians order entry
The ______ is a system that provided patient data, alerts, reminders, and clinical decision support systems that link to medical knowledge. EHR
The term _______ is used in the electronic health record to provide a warning or a reminder to clinicians. An example of this is when a physician receives an automatic message of an reminder of immunizations for his or her patient. alert
A wireless device that allows the clinician to enter or input data at the point of care such as a pocket-sized computer used for appointments, notes, and other information is commonly referred to as a ________. PDA
The process of charting a patient's information using drop down screens in the electronic health record facilitate fast and easy capturing of ______________ data. Structurally Uniform
An individual's right to control his or her personal health information, with the understandings that the information will not be disseminated without his or her permission is called _______. Privacy
_____________ is defined as the ability of systems to work together through common standards. Interoperability
____________ is a federal law that prohibits fraudulent claims to the government. False Claims Act
_________ is a standardized form that has a predesigned format and a limited selection of choices. Template
Keeping information private whereby only authorized individuals have access to medical information is called ________. confidentiality
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