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Mod C Unit 2


Cholesterol is categorized as a fat
To make sure that the patient understands what the medical assistant is trying to teach, the medical assistant should use the technique feedback
Mary Smith has high blood pressure. One of her dietary requirements is to restrict sodium
Information that is expressed primarily in words is covered in which domain cognitive
The substance that is responsible for the buildup and repair of body tissue is protein
The three important areas of learning cognitive, affective, psychomotor
The substance that the body usually uses for energy carbohydrates
What vitamins are fat soluble ADEK
Cholesterol is found in organ meat and egg yolks
In teaching Mrs. Smith how to self-administer her insulin, the medical assistant notes the importance of demonstration to the_________________________ domain psychomotor
Dan Flores has just been diagnosed with diabetes. The plan for patient education for his diagnosis and situation should include goals, teaching strategies, audiovisual
It is important to read food labels in order to make ____________________ decisions about what you eat informed
Verbal explanation, demonstrating procedures, and watching videos with the pt are all __________________________modalitie teaching
In order for the medical assistant to be sure that Mrs. Jones has understood what she has been taught, the medical assistant should ask_______________________ questions open ended
What vitamins are not stored in the body water soluble
Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of C
Dehydration, gout, and quick weight loss are all causes from what type of diet plan fad diets
Night blindness is caused by a deficiency of A
What trace mineral is associated with assisting in wound healing zinc
Osteomalacia is caused by a deficiency of D
What vitamin is useful in the prevention of spina bifida folic acid
Another name for the vitamin cyanocobalamin Vite B12
How many amino acids can the body not synthesize 8
Complex carbohydrates are found in grains and legumes
Body mass index is used to determine accepted body weight
Loss of blood can cause shock
When a patient is brought into the office with a fracture of the arm, you would support the Fx__________________and________________ the fx site above and below
The category of burn in which the epidermis and the dermis are destroyed and the underlying tissue is damaged is referred to as 3rd degree
Mrs. Jones was stung by a bee while working in her garden. By the time she made it to the house, she was short of breath and was turning blue. Her husband recognized that Mrs. Jones was having a__ anaphylactic shock
A pt comes into the office complaining of chest pain,( he does have a Hx ) which one of his medications would you have him take Nitro
What is the pt having if the first aid includes loosen any tight clothing and move anything the pt can hurt themselves on seizure
The device used to restart the heartbeat by delivering electrical stimulation to the heart is AED
Tom Winters was lost in the woods overnight. When he was found, his toes and fingers were numb, the tips of his extremities were white, and his skin was cold and hard. He was probably suffering from frost bite
Tom Jones works in an industrial environment and accidentally spilled a liquid chemical on his hand, resulting in a burn. You would flush the affected area with cool water
another name for nosebleed is epistaxis
George Jones was injured when he spilled a container of dry caustic chemicals on his arm and hand. You would brush off any ________________________ powder before flushing with cool water. chemical
John Brown, age 56, collapsed while working in the garden on a hot summer day. When his wife found him, she noted that he had hot, dry, red skin and a rapid pulse. He was probably suffering from_________________ stroke heat
If a patient is unresponsive, the medical assistant should check first to see if the pt is breathing
A 60-year-old man has collapsed in the waiting room, and the medical assistant is not sure if his heart is beating. To determine this, the medical assistant should try to palpate a pulse in what artery carotid
The emergency situations of fainting, chest pain, bleeding, and stroke would be associated with what body system circulatory
The ā€œCā€ in RICE stands for compress
If a person has a medical condition what type of bracelet is recommended they wear medical alert
When using indirect pressure to stop bleeding from the injured site, pressure should be applied over the _____________________ pressure point nearest the injury arterial
Altered mental status, slurred speech, and lose of movement on one side of the body are signs of a stroke
The patient is hemorrhaging from an open fracture of the forearm. What vessel should be compressed for indirect pressure brachial
To treat a nosebleed, the patient should be positioned with their head bent forward
What percentage of blood loss can be fatal in an adult 25-45
Diabetic ketoacidosis is treated with insulin
Diaphoresis, bluish lips, and a rapid weak pulse are symptoms of a heart attack
RICE rest ice compress elevate
EMS emergency medical service
EMT emergency medical tech
STAT immediately
MI myocardial infarction
Fx fracture
Sx symptoms
DKA Diabetic ketoacidosis
O2 oxygen
CO2 carbon dioxide
NPO nothing by mouth
Na sodium
K potassium
BMI body mass index
PPE personal protective equipment
AED automated external defibrillator
BS blood sugar
FBS fasting blood sugar
HTN hypertension
PRN as needed
Sig directions
tid 3xday
qid 4xday
bid 2xday
qd every day
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