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Health Final Exam

BAC amount of alcohol in one's blood expressed as percentage
leading cause of death in adolescents motor vehicle crashes
What does a teen need to get a driver's license? certificate of attendance and ADAP
alcohol effects on driving reaction time is impaired
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome condition in which a fetus has been adversely affected mentally and physically by its mother's heavy alcohol use
What is the best way to remedy the offset of using alcohol? time
AA Alcoholics Anonymous
Ethanol definition the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages
Intoxication definition physical and mental impairment resulting from the use of alcohol
Emphysema definition destruction of the tiny air sacs in the lungs
What classification of drug is nicotine? stimulant
How do tobacco users consume tobacco? smoke, sniff, dip, and chew
Nicotine is a contributing factor to what disease? plaque build up in the blood vessels increasing chance of hardening of the arteries
combining prescription drugs with alcohol can intensify the effects of alcohol
Designer drug examples ecstasy
What classification of drugs is commonly found at home? inhalants
Depressant examples alcohol, barbiturates, methaqualone, and tranquilizers
Side effects of marijuana slows reaction time and increases appetite
Active ingredient in marijuana THC
High blood pressure risk factors obesity, heredity, diet, and smoking
Vaccine definition preparation containing weakened or dead pathogens that provide immunity by causing the body to produce antibodies to the pathogen
Self-breast exams should be administered how often? once a month
Why should self-testicular exams be conducted? to check for unusual lumps
Normal blood pressure reading 120/80 diastolic/systolic
Strongest contributing factors to heart disease smoking and heredity
Cancer treatment chemotherapy and radiation
Uncontrollable risk factors for heart disease heredity
Type I diabetes should drink what if their blood sugar is high? water
Fad diet examples grapefruit, atkins, and south beach
Anorexia nervosa definition disorder in which irrational fear of becoming obese results in severe weight loss from self-starvation
Anorexia symptoms disassociation and loss of menstruation
Bulimia nervosa definition disorder in which cycles of over-eating are followed by some form of purging or cleansing of digestive tract
Binge eating definition eats until can eat no more
Appetite definition desire to eat
Vegetarians might have trouble eating what nutrient? protein
Fat soluble vitamins K, A, D, and E
RDA based on how many calories per day? 2,000
Most important nutrient water
First thing to look at on a nutrition label serving size and number of servings
What doesn't have nutrition labels? fresh vegetables
Enriched definition food in which nutrients were lost in processing and have been added back
Fortification definition addition of nutrients that weren't naturally present
What helps repair the body? protein
What is the healthiest way to lose weight? calories taken in are less than calories burned
What does supersizing your meal at a fast food restaurant do to the calories? adds more calories to the meal
Healthy selection at a fast food restaurant grilled chicken salad with light dressing
Acquaintance rape rape by someone the victim knows casually or thinks to be a friend
What should you do if confronted by an attacker? simply try to get away from the attacker
If it is nighttime and you need to walk home, what should you do? walk only on well-lit streets
How is it best to avoid dangerous situations? walk with a friend and walk only on well-lit streets
Should you share your real identity with people you meet online? no, keep it online
How do you avoid testing while driving car accidents? Put all cell-phones away while driving
Organs in the lymphatic system lymph nodes, spleen, and blood
What does cardiovascular literally mean? heart and vessels
Distress is regulated by which system? nervous system
Functions of the large intestine absorption of water
Cardiovascular system components heart, blood, and branching vessels
Aorta is part of what system? circulatory
Signs of suicide gives away cherished items, becomes distant from friends, signs of very low self-esteem
Eustress positive/good stress
Helthy techniques to cope with stress rechanneling or relaxing
Physical signs of stress increased heart rate, hands begin to shake
Domestic violence definition any act of violence against a family member
Neglect definition failure to provide a child's physical or emotional needs
Who is a mediator? a person who helps others resolve issues to the satisfaction of both parties
What does ACT mean? Acknowledge the problem, Caring manner, Tell an adult
Three stages of stress in order alarm, resistance, exhaustion
3 C's of conflict resolution compromise, cooperation, communication
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