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World History Final

Nationalism Pride in country, country over individual
Who is associated with unification of Italy and Germany? Otto von Bismark- was able to because of nationalism
Berlin Conference European powers met to discuss how they would take over Africa, divided African land among the Europeans
Effects of imperialism War, famine, start of new civilizations, trade, rebellion, angry people, people's culture changes
Motives for imperialism wanted resources land, nationalism, trading, to spread religion
White man's burden European nations felt the need to bring their culture to uncivilized land (Asia/ Africa) and make people white
Bolsheviks Russian communists who took over government and went against Czar Nicholas
Russian Revolution Uprising of Russian communists, killed Czar Nicholas and his family, took over government
Causes of World war 1 assassination of archduke ferdinand, militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
Who assassinated Archduke ferdinand? Gavrilo Princip (Black Hand)
Balkan region- why referred to as "powder keg of Europe"? Gun powder, In serbia-- diff ethnicities wanted to be nationsm this German imperialism is refferred to powder keg bc small ethnicities were angry with large ethnicities and fought for power.
Impact of Versailles treaty on Germany made German money worthless, hyperinflatiion, German reparations, depression, rise of hitler
Communism- society over individual- everyone gets same resources Type of government
Allied powers in WW1 France, UK, US, USSR
Central powers (AXIS) Ottoman empire, Germany, Austria hungary, italy
War of attrition repeated attacks to wear opponent down, high casualties and ending in bloody stalemate
trench warfare no-mans land inbetween trenches, used for fighting in WW1
New weapons of WW1 tanks, u-boats, guns, chemical warfare, submarines, planes, barbed wire
Nurembourg laws Legally allowed discrimination against Jews
Nuremburg Trials Punished for war crimes, hearing held to punish nazis
Stalin 5 year plan Russua economy improves over a 5 year span
WHy did Japan expand before WW2? imperialism leads to gain of resources, Meiji restoration-period of Japanese hsitory,a n attempt to make Japan
fascism capitalist, nationalist, violence and terror
Nazi-Soviet Pact split which country? poland, split by hitler and stalin (nonaggression pact)
Pearl harbor led US into war, attack on dec. 7
What starts WW2? MAIN, plus appeasement and germany fighting treaty of versailles
Where did D-Day occur Normandy france
What happened at Kristallnacht- Night of the Broken glass? Nazis broke glass in Jewish shopkeeper's windows
Who commited the holocast nazis and hitler
Hearings held to punish nazis nuremburg trials
Tension between RUssia and US after WW2 COld War
Nato against communism
warsaw pro-communism
east europe filled with communists
arms race build your own weapons
WHy did Korean war happen? North korea invaded south korea to make it communist
ethnic conflict same geographic location- diff ethnicities (rwanda, ww1)
global issues UN (genocide, human rights, issues between countries), UN makes peace, resolves these issues
UN? pacekeepers
league of nations primitive UN
UN purpose to prevent world war
security council US, UK,USSR< France (allied)
Energy sources cold war- soviets against US, people try to look for alternative sources of energy
Atlantic charter US and UN coming together to outline their goals
Yalta conference free elections and stuff
potsdam conference discussed how to divide and conquer
containment consisted of iron curtain, restricted communism
COmmon themes of European imperialism WHiteman's burden, rick take over poor, too much power
COnsequences of european influence in china china lost money in opium wars, chinese revolution, chinese are being exploited
Triple entente members UK, US, USSR France, Italy
Triple alliance Germany, AUstria-Hungary, Ottoman empire, Bulgaria, ROmania
What type of fighting developed in the Western front? trench warfare
Peace keeping group that Woodrow WIlson proposed league of nations
DId Russian imperialism grow after Russian revolution? no russia only looks afte ritself
Lenins political party Bolsheviks/ communist/marxist
league of nations defense, couldn't punish each other, leave themselves
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