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Mod B Unit 3


ad lib as disired
a, ante before
guttat drop by drop
h hour
IM intramuscular
inj injection
noct night
NPO by mouth
qh every hour
q every
qd every day
qhs every hour sleep
q6h every 6 hours
qid four times a day
bid two times a day
tid three times a day
noc night
STAT immediatly
Dx diagnosis
sig directions/signature
a.c. before meals
p.c. after meals
gt drop
npo nothing by mouth
prn as needed
c with a line over it with
s with a line over it without
C 100
If a pt has a particular medication for a long period of time, a _______________________________may develop. tolerance
The Physicians’ Desk Reference for non prescription drugs identifies____________________________medication OTC
The ______________________ patch is a convenient method of choice for medicating pt’s for many medical conditions transdermal
Under the controlled substance act of 1970, all doctors who prescribe medication in the US must register with the DEA
A form of inhalation medication that should be kept in every medical practice for emergency use Oxygen
Valium is an example of a sedative
How often is the PDR published yearly
An agent that lowers blood glucose levels is classified as a hypoglycemic
Commonly used medications should be periodically rotated according to their exp date
ASA and other drugs that reduce fever are classified as a antipyretic
What kind of drug is to prevent or decrease the severity of a disease prophylatic
In what method are pills, tablets, syrups, and sprays given orally
What category classifies drugs that are accepted for medical use but are tightly regulated schedual II
Medication given to pt’s in the form of gases, sprays, fluids, and powders are inhalants
What drug category includes heroin, LSD, and marijuana schedual I
An agent that facilitates removal of secretion of bronchopulmonary mucus membranes are called expectorant
A written signed prescription order for a controlled substance must be presented to the pharmacy with in how many hours 72 hours
When phoning in a prescription, the MA should ask the pharmacist to repeat the info to ensure accurecy
What method of administering medication requires placing it under the tongue sublingual
Topical medication can come in salves, paste, ointments
Most oral medications are intended for absorption in what organ sm intestine
What denotes the drugs active ingredient producing desired effect generic name
When giving a pt medication in the office, you must read the lable_________________times 3
An agent that produces a lack of feeling, which may be local or general is a anesthetic
An agent that destroys or inhibits the growth of microorganisms antibiotic
An agent that prevents or controls high blood pressure is called a antihypertensive
An agent that prevents or relieves coughs is called a antitussive
An agent that reduces nasal congestion is called a decongestant
An agent that relieves pain without causing unconsciousness is called a analgesic
An agent that prevents or relieves nausea and vomiting antimetic
An agent that that increases the excretion of urine is called a diuretic
The extent or degree to which a substance is poisonous toxicity
A condition in which the use of a drug should not be used is called a contradiction
A decrease in susceptibility to a drug after continuous use is called tolerance
To weaken the strength of a substance is called dilute
The study of drugs pharmocology
A druggist who is licensed to prepare and dispense medication pharmacist
An inactive, harmless substance used to satisfy a pt’s desire for medication is called a placebo
The prevention of a disease through the prescription of drugs is called prophylactic
A response to drugs other than the effect desired is called side effect
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