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Mod B Unit 2


How many inches above the container should you hold a bottle when pouring a solution onto a sterile field setup 2-6 inches
Guidelines for preventing contamination of a sterile field include never turn your back, body movement at a minimum, minimize talking
What is a long handled instrument with a metal loop on one end curette
When removing adhesive closures, pull the tape__________________ the wound closure line toward
What must you remove before a surgical scrub in jewelry
A surgical cut is referred to as a incision
What are the grooves in instruments called rachets or serrations
When removing sutures, the suture is pulled toward the incision line it prevents_____________________ on the incision tension
What types of drainage contains both serum and blood serosanguineous
What are two prong instruments used for grasping forceps
Wounds are classified in primary, tertiary, secondary
What holds back edges of body tissue retractors
Which suture material dissolves the fastest catgut
What instrument is used to cut tissues of the body scapel
When removing sutures, the suture is cut close to the skin in order to prevent ______________________ of the underlying tissue contamination
What type of suture needle cuts tissue sharp
Wound healing is affected by good nutrition, general health, adquate blood supply
What sutures has the largest diameter silk 2.0
Which type of wound is characterized by tissue that is rubbed or scraped off abrasion
The suture size used for wound repair is based on the ______________________ time and the _____________________ of the suture. healing and strength
What type of wound has torn ragged edges laceration
Epinephrine is sometimes used with local anesthesia to _________________ blood vessels constrict
General anesthesia causes what unconsciousness
Which bacteria is rod shaped baccilli
The purpose of infection control systems is to ____________________ the spread of ___________________________ prevent/disease
Bacteria that look like chains under a microscope are streptococci
Disease-causing microorganisms are called pathogen
What bacteria are found in clusters staphlococci
What is not seen with the naked eye but can be seen with a microscope after culturing bacteria
Whether or not a person contracts a disease is determined by the person’s general well-being. In the chain of infection, this is also known as susceptable host
What are thick capsules that have formed around bacteria bacteria spores
The three levels of infection control, from the lowest to the highest, are sanitization, disinfection, sterilization
The smallest of the infectious agents are the viruses
What kind of strip can shoe sterilization has taken place inside the pack sterilization strip
Organisms that live in or on another organism are called parasites
The term that means that an instrument has been washed but not treated further is sanitized
Some microorganisms grow best in an environment that has an absence of oxygen. This environment is called anaerobic
You have been given a bag of M&M’s. There are a total of 125 pieces. There are 20 red, 27 green, 15 blue, 35 brown, 13 orange, and 15 yellow. What percent of the bag is yellow M&M’s 12%
What would be classified as personal protective equipment (PPE gowns, gloves, goggles
In your Anatomy and Physiology class, the ratio of men to women is 3 to 2. If there are 21 men in the class, how many women are there 14
The proper cleaning of an area with soap and water is called sanitization
What procedure would require the use of a sterile instrument cath in bladder
Whenever there is a chance of coming in contact with body fluids, the medical assistant should wear PPE's
The most important procedure in the medical practice to prevent the transmission of microorganisms is handwashing
In your medical assisting class of 44 students, 25% received a final grade of an A. How many students got A’s 11
You are in the campus bookstore and you notice a 16-fluid ounce bottle of hand sanitizer costs $.94, and a 24-fluid ounce bottle costs $1.29. Which is the better buy 24oz
with c with a line over it
complains of C/O
to cervical vertebra 1,
cancer Ca
capsules with medication in it cap
coronary artery disease CAD
computerized axial tomography CAT
catheter cath
chief complaint CC
example e.g I.e
ethanol (alcohol) ETOH
gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD
drops gtts
height ht
water H2O
history Hx
left L with a circle
maximum max
medication meds
no complaints N/C
nasogastric ng
normal norm
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug NSAID
over the counter OTC
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