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HST303 L12 CR

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 12: The Cultural Revolution

Over the next few years, Mao became more and more suspicious of people, particularly those implementing more _____ campaigns. realistic
Mao believed revisionists and so-called capitalist roaders in high positions in the PRC were _____ his revolution. sabotaging
Mao’s suspicion set the stage for his _____ _____ _____ _____: purge all of previous tradition and culture. Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
By 1966, Mao, his wife, and a number of radical followers encouraged _____ to promote a Maoist vision of revolution through _____ protest. students; street
The students organized themselves into groups called _____ _____. Red Guards
Millions of students joined the action, and free _____ _____ led them to get everywhere in the country. rail passes
With this initiative, Mao wanted to regain _____ of his revolution. control
Any form of _____-_____ culture was to be eliminated. non-socialist
The Red Guards destroyed art, _____, music recordings, _____ and _____ artifacts, and museums. libraries; historic; religious
Revolutionary model _____ were created. operas
The _____ and _____ of teachers, professors, and intellectuals were commonplace. humiliation; beatings
Violence and torture were everywhere and became worse and worse, and the Red Guards randomly entered _____ and searched them. homes
The smallest thing, such as possession of a _____ _____, inspired severe punishments. Many were simply punished for being _____ to people who were considered suspicious. Mozart recording; related
_____ and _____ soon closed across the whole country, and education became unavailable for most. Schools and colleges
Many leadership positions were taken down, and the official president of the PRC died degraded in _____. prison
_____ _____, who became important for post-Maoist China, managed to survive harsh conditions in prison as well. Deng Xiaoping
By 1969 almost half of the original _____ members and half of the original _____ _____ members had been purged. politburo; central committee
Radical _____ _____ fought everything and everyone. Red Guards
Much of the violence was not recorded by an _____ since there was simply nobody left, and that makes it difficult to establish the actual number of victims, but existing evidence paints a grim picture. agency
In 1967, Mao ordered the _____ _____ _____ to step in and restore order. People’s Liberation Army
From 1968 until Mao’s death in 1976, more than 12 million students were forcefully relocated to remote, _____ _____ to break up student concentrations and to acquaint supposedly elitist student intellectuals with hard peasant life. rural villages
After the students had followed Mao and done his dirty work, they were now sent to work in the villages because he feared that his _____ had gotten out of hand. campaigns
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