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HST303 Ch10

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Ch10

__ years of Japanese rule had created deep divisions within Korean society. 40
Japan's support of the _____ class and its _____ policies had led to massive tenancy, and so a potential for rural class conflict awaited liberation. Landed; economic
Active and passive complicity with the colonial state by many Koreans--especially ______ ______--compromised as collaborators a significant portion of Korea's elites. Educated urbanites
The evaporation of the Japanese empire left a _____ ______ in Korea, bitterly contested by numerous pretenders to national leadership. Power vacuum
Korea lacked a _____ ______ movement or a clearly transcendent leader who might have unified the broad spectrum of contending political forces and ______ with the defeated Japanese and victorious Allied powers. Unified nationalist; negotiated
Created by: silvrwood