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HST303 L10 JD

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 10: Japan's Downfall

U.S. submarines started a campaign to cut off flow of essential _____ _____ from Java and the rest of Southeast Asia to Japan raw materials
Japan’s _____ economy faltered. industrial
Japan was increasingly unable to replace _____ or damaged _____. sunk; ships
Allied counteroffensive launched two-pronged attack with _____ _____ driving up from south through New Guinea to the Philippines and the _____ coming in from the central Pacific from the Mariana Islands to Okinawa land forces; navy
By the end of 1944 – U.S. had retaken the _____. Philippines
Nov 1944 – devastating _____-_____ on Japan islands. air-raids
Japan refused _____ surrender unconditional
Japanese authorities hoped that if they could achieve one more victory, they could get _____ _____. better terms
Japanese authorities wanted to preserve the _____ institution and integrity imperial
Aug 6, 1945 – U.S. dropped atomic bomb on _____, and Aug 9 another on _____. Hiroshima; Nagasaki
A day after the nuclear bombing, Japan still broadcasted that they insisted on preservation of the _____ to accept surrender. emperor
Against will of many in his army, the _____ himself made the decision to surrender on Aug 14 emperor
Surrender documents signed ___ __, ____ Sep 2, 1945
WWII was over. Japan mostly in ruins – about __.__ million dead, China – about __ million dead 2.7; 20
Created by: silvrwood