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HST303 L10 NC

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 10: Nationalist China

After the Japanese take-over of Manchuria, the Chinese government responded with _____ – by 1942 more than half of all industry in Nationalist China was state-run Militarization
Authoritarian, single-party state where free enterprise _____ and political _____ were constrained capitalism; democracy
Despite militarization and an authoritarian, single-party state, the biggest problem in China was its _____ state. weak
Some provinces continued to print own, separate _____ currency
Much of Chinese _____ _____ still under local, not centralized, control military force
As late as 1944, the government of Nationalist China could only mobilize __ - __% of gross national product for the war effort 3; 5
Created by: silvrwood