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HST303 L10 JiK

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 10: Japan in Korea

Japan also attempted to integrate _____ into the Japanese empire. Korea
1935 – mandatory for Koreans to worship at Japanese _____ shrines Shinto
1939 – all Koreans required to take Japanese style _____, which most did so officially, but it is unlikely that many identified with them. names
From 1937 – banning of Korean _____ in stages: first in government and in public schools, finally even in private _____. language; press
1942 – estimates state that no more than __% of Koreans spoke Japanese 20
Japanese attempts to force Koreans to adopt their language was a bit of a ____ attempt false
The Japanese undertook rapid industrialization of Korea for _____ purposes military
1937 – introduction of compulsory conscription of Korean _____. labor
Compulsory conscription of labor affected _____ of Koreans millions
Most _____ grown in Korea exported to Japan rice
From 1943 – Koreans could be _____ into the Japanese army drafted
Over 100,000 Korean girls and women forced to provide _____ services to Japanese soldiers as “_____ _____” sexual; comfort women
Japan’s colonial acts in Korea caused a major _____ of previously settled Korean society. Around __% of population uprooted and dispersed all over Asia by end of the war dislocation; 20
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