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HST303 L9 KuJ

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 9: Korea under the Japanese

Chinese were expelled from Korea by the end of the _____-_____ war Sino-Japanese
Increased _____ presence caused Japan to keep forces on the mainland after the end of the war in 1895. Russian
Russo-Japanese war: Feb 1904 – Sep 1905. Staggering Japanese _____ victory in May 1905 started peace negotiations. Treaty signed in September. naval
Russia ceded its possessions in _____ _____ to Japan. Southern Manchuria
Korea became Japanese ______ protectorate
All laws, appointments, important decisions had to be approved by Japanese _____-_____ resident-general
Korean army disbanded. Soldiers joined anti-Japanese _____ forces guerilla
Korean guerilla forces were relatively powerless against the _____ Japanese army. modern
Japanese defeat of Russia was monumental - the first time in modern days that an Asian power had defeated a western one. As a result, Japanese began to adopt this more western model of _____ with their takeover of Korea, seeing themselves as superior. colonization
Japanese created modern _____ facilities, built _____ throughout Korea, financed through Japanese loans to Korean government. banking; roads
Because of Japanese investment in Korean banks and roads, Korea was heavily _____ to Japan. indebted
Heavy debts and assassination of resident-general by Korean nationalists caused Japan to declare Korea a formal _____ in 1910 colony
Japanese colonial rule was exceptional because of the large numbers of colonizers present in the colony – __x as many Japanese colonizers in Korea as French colonizers in Vietnam 20
Japanese colonial rule was _____. harsh
Governor-Generals appointed to Korea were all high ranking _____ figures; there were no civilians. military
No Korean _____ were allowed newspapers
All political and public _____ were banned assemblies
1919 – mass protests erupted, which were suppressed _____. Afterwards Japan loosened its grip a little brutally
Censorship was relaxed, and Koreans newspapers and magazines flourished, and _____ _____-_____ no longer required government permission business start-ups
During that time in Korea, Japanese brought western-style _____ culture to Korea consumer
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