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HST303 L9 NP

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 9: The Nationalist Party

After Shikai’s death, _____ returned from exile in Japan in 1917 Sun
Sun tried to establish a regional base. He was joined by many members of the _____ _____. dissolved legislature
Attempts to revive republic and Nationalist Party unsuccessful. The only foreign aid Sun could obtain was from newly established communist _____ _____ Soviet Union
Moscow agreed that China was not ready for _____, and they supported nationalist revolution communism
Sun allowed members of the Communist party to join the _____ _____. Nationalist Party
1924 – nationalist military academy established with _____ _____-_____ as commandant Chiang Kai-shek
1925 – Sun died. Chiang succeeds him as _____ party leader Nationalist
Chiang launched expedition into North to _____ China reunify
____ – reunified republic restored. Effectiveness of government control over most of China was limited 1928
_____ had become very active in promoting their own ideas. Chiang very much disapproved of this, and in 1927 he broke with them, and he completely purged them from the Nationalist Party Communists
Chiang and Nationalist Party as a whole firmly anti-_____ communist
_____ became an anti-communist leadership figure Chiang
1928 – formation of _____ parties was banned, and Nationalist Party rule began opposition
Created by: silvrwood