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HST303 L9 RoC

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 9: The Republic of China

Western style ‘New Army’ created by Qing to protect dynasty was instrumental in _____ it overthrowing
_____ support was critical in most provinces that joined the revolution Army
Sun, who was in the U.S. at the time, returned and was made _____ _____ of new republic. provisional president
Sun and others offered that the presidency be given to _____ _____, who played an important role in formation of the modern ‘New Army’ under Qing in North China Yuan Shikai
_____ _____ had been convinced by Nationalists to switch sides. Yuan Shikai
Yuan Shikai’s ability to control the _____ _____ made him a key figure armed forces
12 February 1912 – last _____ abdicated. emperor
Yuan Shikai became first official president of new _____ _____ _____ Republic of China
Sun Yat-sen announced the restoration of Chinese rule after __ centuries of foreign rule when he made a symbolic visit to the grave of the last Ming emperor 3
Many Chinese _____ were abandoned traditions
The Republic of China brought the introduction of the western _____ _____. solar calendar
Change from Manchu to _____ hairstyles – people cut off the Manchu hairstyles they had been forced to wear. western
New goods and technologies were introduced and well-received by the public: _____ _____, _____ _____ _____, _____, and _____ _____ _____. electric fans; mass produced mirrors; photography; animal wash basins
Locally made _____ soon competed successfully with Western imports. Even in remote, interior areas, Western-style goods were widely available substitutes
Old Chinese habits, e.g. foot-binding, arranged marriages, _____ _____, _____ _____ _____, and _____, were seen as problems and denounced opium consumption; spitting in public; superstition
Confucianism had become seen as an _____ to modernization obstacle
Tradition was discredited because it had caused China to become _____ and _____. weak; impoverished
By 1913 – Europe and U.S.: __._% of world’s manufacturing, China: _._% 88.6; 3.6
_____ and _____ of west made westernization attractive to Chinese people Wealth; power
Western concepts and products were adapted to suit local taste: still had _____ new year celebrations, year one on calendars was ____ – the founding of the Republic of China, not the birth of Christ lunar; 1912
_____ for western products was also adapted locally Advertising
China had been on _____ allied side in WWI winning
Many hoped as winners to have formerly-German controlled area in China returned to Chinese rule after the war. Instead, the German base in Shandong was given to _____ at the Versailles Peace Conference Japan
Mass student protest was staged in response to Shandong base being given to Japan. New _____ _____ developed. youth movement
The youth movement had its focus on _____ and _____. Patriarchal Confucian were values under attack at this time democracy and science
Famous speakers, such as the British philosopher Bertran Russell and the American educated _____ _____were invited to youth movement gatherings. John Dewey
Age of Chinese _____, _____, and other modern Western ideals. individualism; feminism
Many young Chinese who later became nationalist or communist leaders studied abroad, mainly in _____, _____, and _____ at this time. Japan; France; England
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