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HST303 L9 RR

China, Japan & East Asia in World History - Lecture 9: The Republican Revolution

Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary attempt was discovered. Sun escaped to _____ _____, then to Japan. He did not return until 1911. He raised funds abroad, spending most of his time on this. Hong Kong
In 1905, Sun was a leading figure in a coalition of various Chinese revolutionary groups, called the ‘_____ _____’, which was founded in Tokyo (1905) Revolutionary Alliance
Most of these Chinese nationalists were actually based in _____ at this time. Japan
Sun sponsored several failed ____ uprisings over the next few years armed
October 1911 – bomb that one of Revolutionary Alliance groups on the mainland was preparing went off accidentally. Destroyed workshop. _____ _____ _____ was found in the rubble of the explosion by imperial forces List of members
Following the Revolutionary Alliance’s detonated bomb, dozens were arrested and __ executed the next day 3
The Revolutionary Alliance’s detonated bomb led to a spontaneous uprising of the local _____ _____ garrison. The Manchu general fled, & the local provincial assembly declared their support for the rebels. Republican or nationalist revolution began New Army
Created by: silvrwood