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Pharm wk 2 Terms

Pulmonary Edema Excess fluid in the lungs
Communicable Contagious
mandate an official order to follow certain rules
calibration determination of the accuracy of an instrument
secretion substance released by a gland
invasive introducing objects into the skin
cytology the study of cells
diagnosis identification of a disease or condition by testing
electrolyte mineral in the body that conducts electricity
trough lowest level the medicine is in the body
serum liquid that separates when the blood coagulates
reagents detects other chemical substances in a chemical reaction
histology the study of tissue
hematology the study of blood
toxicology study of drugs that can become toxic in the body
peak highest level of medication in the body
MSDS Material and safety data sheet
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment
QNS Quantity Not sufficient
POL Physician Office Laboratory
HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
PPMP Provider Performed Microscopic Procedures
CDC Centers for Disease Control
FDA Food and Drug Administration
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
AMA American Medical Association
Created by: Kbowers