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Ch 9 verbs

Med Terms

LatinCombining FormDefinition
brachium brachi- (upper) arm
caedere caesus -cid- -cis- cut kill
capere captus -cip- -cept- take
crescere cretus cresc- -cret- (begin to) grow
digitus digit- finger toe
ducere ductus duc- duct- lead bring conduct
facere (-ficare) factus fac- -fic- -fect -fy- make
febris febr- febris- fever
facies faci- -fici- facies face appearance surface
ferre latus fer- lat- carry bear
flectere flexus flect- flex- bend
fungus fung- fungus
fundere fusus fus- pour
gignere genitus genit- bring forth give birth (+al = reproductive organs)
gerere gestus ger- gest- carry bear
immunis immun(i) safe protected
inferior inferior below
labi lapsus lab- laps- slide slip
latus lateris later- side
os oris or- os mouth opening
ossa oss- bone
pediculus pedicul- louse
posterior poster- -posterior behind in back
secare sectus sect- cut
somnus somn- sleep
stabilis stabil- stabl- stable fixed
superior superior- above
tumere tum(e) be swollen
anterior anter- front in front
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