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Punic wars carthage vs Roman Empire
Ruler of Babylon Hammurabi
Nirvana reached by? eight fold path and 4 noble truths
anthropologists study human behavior
Rosetta stone founded by Napolean (french) soldiers
3 downfall of rome 1.poor leadership 2. germanic invasions 3. inflation
Odysseues lesson man is nothing w/o gods
mohammed was born? in Mecca
mohammed exiled here? Medina
Mohammed rose to heaven from here? Jerusalem
1st classification of man to have spoken language homo erectus
original script for gilgamesh cuneiform
original script for vishnu sanskript
original script for Noah books Hebrew
second triumphant Octavius, Marc Anthony, Lepidus
Who copied hitler's purging Qin
who was charged for corrupting the youth Socrates
Who believed too much freedom caused social disorder Plato
3 cultures influencing the Greeks Minoans, Mycenneans and Dorians
Fertile Crescent is present day area of? Iraq, Lebanon
Which Chinese dynasty was first w/ creating agrucultural system Zhou
Downfall of caesar? ambitious, dictator for life
Emperors responsible for the spread of Christianity Constatine and Theodosius
3 names of Israel Kanaan, Judea, and Palestine
Classification of Neanderthals Homo sapiens
Theocracy? absolute ruler
3 cultures influencing the Romans greek, Latin, and the Etruscans
He ascended to Heaven from Dome of the Rock Mohammed
First major port affected by the plague Sicily 1947
Dynasty responsible for shaping Korea Koryu
Empire of Cambodian region Khamer
The capital of the Incas Kusco
Largest religious center of the world Ankgor Watt
Native Americans that never signed a peace treaty with the US Seminoles
Why did Islam dominate North and East Africa trade
What are the levels of life one must go up in Hinduism Varna
What products dominated the Sahara trade gold and Salt
What African empire did Judaism and christianity flourish Aksum
How did Ming dynasty isolate itself from europe and rest of world by ending Zhang Hu's travels
Istanbul was? Byzantium
Who started slave trade with Europe Benin
After the fall of the Roman Empire the dominant language of North Africa was? Arabic
Govenors of Persian Kingdom? Satraps
A leader of Buddhism? Dalilama
The land of gold Ghana
Gao capital of this kingdom? Songhai
Unifier of Persia Darius
Coastal Africa was colonized by Portugal
Aksum and Portugal traded with this asian country India
Goal of Hindus? To reach Moksha
Which asian dynasty connected to Roman empire with what trading route? Han Dynasty and Silk Road
Which kingdom was Mansa Musa ruler of? Mali
What helped unite Persia Zoroastrianism
Who responsible for movable type, gun powder, compass, and paper money? Tang and Song
Muslim leader to recapture Jerusalem Saladin
What religion gave women higher status? Islam
Hindu gods? Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Italian explorer most responsible for opening up exploration? Marco Polo
Persian ruler that was conquered by Alexander the Great? Darius II
Last of Ptolmey dynasty and committed suicide rather than surrender to Octavius's rule? Cleopatra
Overthrown by the Mauryans? Gupta
Rule is based on wealth and few? oligarchy
Which khanate dominated Persian area? Ilkhanate
First empire of India? Mauryan
Creditted with plumbing? Harrapan
State ruled by nobility? aristocracy
Cripple upper class women? foot binding
Ad = what in english? In the year of our lord
Kievan Russia first important city for Novogard? due to which two groups? Vikings and the Slavs
Confucius true name? Kongzi
Famous muslim explorer? Ibn Battuta
Important structure for Byzantine Empire? Hashia Sofia
King Ferdinand wanted muslims to convert to Christianity? Inquisition
Promised special place in heaven for those fighting in the crusades? Urban II
Aryans conquered who in India? Dravidians
Who built Silk road? Han Dynasty
What is it called when you die for a good cause? martyr
Explorer known for Island hopping? Magellan
Associated with Mayan settlement? Olmec
A story told in spoken form? epic
Divine winds? Kamachazi
Most treasured land of the Mongols? Golden Horde
Read when mummifying Pharoahs? Book of the Dead
Not harming animals? Ahimsa
Flood story of India? Vishnu
Shi Huandi ruled which dynasty? Qin
City of the great pyramids Giza
Who freed jews from captivity? Cyrus the Great
Who created caste system? Aryans
Buried with 52 sons? Ramses the Great
Pelopenisian wars sparta vs. athens
first organized religion of Indus? Hinduism
Yin Yang what religion? Daoism
Who taught Alexander the Great as a child? Aristotle
75% mortality from plague? Paris
What was the second rome? Constantinople
First emperor of Rome? Augustus
Wealthy ruling class of romans? patricians
Row of foot soldiers? phalanx
Man made island? Chinampa
Last ruler of the Aztec? Montezuma
Doubled the size of the Franks? Charlemange
First pope of rome? Peter
Roman peace? Pax Romana
Ides of March March 15 44 BC
NA closely related to the egyptians? Mayans
Who wrote Gilgamesh? Sumerians
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