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Qtr 4 Final 2015

Israel-Palestine, South Africa and Rwanda

What are settlements? Jewish homes and developments inside Palestine
Why do Jews claim the land? Why do Arabs? Israel (God gave them the land, were there first, sacred sites) Arabs (longest sacred sites, not included during partition talks with UN so Israel not legit)
What is Hamas? The elected government of the Gaza Strip, considered a terrorist organization by Israel and United States
What is Zionism? The belief and political movement that the Jews deserve a homeland - specifically Israel.
What European country colonized South Africa? The Dutch
What was apartheid? The Dutch laws and government of South Africa that included legal segregation
What type of laws existed under apartheid? No intermarriage - separate public facilities - South Africans stripped of their citizenship and forced to relocate in homeland - no representation in government - white only jobs
Where were all black South Africans forced to live? Homelands
Who was elected president in the first multi-racial elections in South Africa in 1994? Nelson Mandela
What did the Rugby World Cup win symbolize? That blacks and whites could live together peacefully
Why did black South Africans have to carry passbooks? As a way for the apartheid government to control the black population
Which European country was responsible for colonizing Rwanda? Belgium
What was the Interhamwe? How did they spead their message? Hutu militia group that carried out the genocide against the Tutsi. They spread their message over the radio.
What was the US response to Rwanda? Nothing. It was not technically labeled a genocide by the US government.
Created by: PLHSWorld