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Qtr 4 Final 2015

Chapter 27: WWI and The Russian Revolution

Why were tensions heightened among countries in Europe after 1900? Countries were forming alliances and mobilizing for war, nationalism
What did inflation and unemployment in Germany during the Great Depression pave the way for? Authoritarian leaders-the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party
How was the war effort on the Western Front characterized? Eastern Front? Western (trench warfare and stalemate) Eastern (mobility, high casualities, especially Russia)
How did Serbia anger Austria-Hungary? By not handing over terrorist group, the Black Hand, after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife
How did Industrialization in Europe affect their militaries? New weapons and technology, old battle tactics
What is total war? Involving the complete mobilization of resources and people-affects lives of all citizens
How was Russia unprepared for war? Incompetent leaders and not enough weapons, poor infrastructure
What events occurred after the Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne? Russia's Civil War
Why did Civil War break out in Russia after World War I? Bolsheviks wanted to institute communism and loyalists, land-owners, the church, and others were opposed.
What was a result of the February Revolution in Russia? Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne.
What were the legacies of many empires (Ottoman, Austria-Hungary)? The breakup of many empires (Ottoman, Austria-Hungary).
What nations were the first to get involved in the initial conflict between Serbia and Austria-Hungary? Russia and Germany
What was the purpose of Stalin's Five-Year Plan? To modernize Russia and increase its industrial output
Who were the Bolsheviks? Mensheviks? The Bolsheviks were the radical communists led by Lenin. The Mensheviks were politically moderate.
What is fascism? The belief that a strong authoritarian government is best/dictator.
Describe the role Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto played in the Russian Revolution. Karl Marx's vision of "pure communism" inspired the leaders of the revolution to establish a communist government in Russia. Marx's vision of communism was not achieved.
What was Lenin's role in the Russian Revolution? He was the leader of the Bolsheviks and the first communist leader of the Soviet Union.
Created by: PLHSWorld