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Qtr 4 Final 2015

Chapter 26: Transition and Imperialism in South East Asia

Why did Japan decide to pursue imperialist policies? It was small and needed resources.
What was the Qing dynasty's self-strengthening policy? Adopt Western education and technology but keep Confucian values.
What changed under the reign of Emperor Mutsuhito? Japan became modern, the feudal system went away, called the Meiji Restoration
Why did the United States propose the Open Door policy toward China? The United States wanted the same access to China as other nations.
The Qing dynasty was weakened by pressure from the West as well as by what other issues? Internal issues, rebellions, food shortages and economic problems.
What was the Boxer Rebellion and who was involved? The Boxer Rebellion occurred when "Boxers" secret society members killed foreigners and missionaries.
What were the agreements made in the Treaty of Nanjing and with whom? China gives up Hong Kong to Britain as a result of the Opium Wars.
What was the long-standing foreign policy that both China and Japan adhered to? Isolationism
Why did Britain trade opium in China? How did the Opium trade lead to the Opium Wars? To even out the balance of trade. China enforced restrictions on Opium and Britain went to war.
How did foreign countries establish spheres of influence in China? Foreign nations would work with local warlords rather than the Qing government.
What was the Taiping Rebellion? A peasant rebellion over economic problems led by Hong Xiuquan.
Created by: PLHSWorld