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Qtr 4 Final 2015

Chapter 25: Imperialism

How did colonial powers in the 19th century harm their colonies? Discrimination and poor treatment of native people, high taxes, low wages
What was a major goal of Dr. Livingston? To open up Central Africa to Europe through a river
What Indian industry did the British damage during their colonial reign? Textiles
How did Indian tax collectors exploit the Indian people? Increased taxes
How did Europeans view imperialism as a moral responsibility? Explain the White Man's Burden and its effects on colonization. Europeans were morally obligated to "civilize" the native people of their colonies.
Explain the concept of Cape to Cairo. Connect Africa by rail
What were colonial powers looking to gain from their colonies? Raw materials
What was the role of King Leopold in the devastation of the Congo? He enslaved natives and created various rival factions, created a child army, depleted the natural resources, did not bring any of the modern advancements of Europe to the Congo (medicine, schools)
How did the Congolese lose control of their land to the Belgians? They were tricked and forced
What did Western nations hope to gain by establishing new colonies after 1880? Power and influence, raw goods, territory
What was the Berlin Conference? Meeting of European powers to determine the rules to colonizing Africa
What role did the Industrial Revolution play in colonization? It fueled the need for raw materials.
Who was the colony of Singapore established by? Sir Stamford Raffles
What country seized Cape Town and the surrounding lands from the Dutch? Britain
Created by: PLHSWorld