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Chapter 17

Davis - SVHS - Chapter 17 Renaissance and Reformation

Artwork painted in three dimensions? perspective
The Church of England? Anglican
Any Christian church that is non-Catholic? Protestant
Focused on human potential and achievements? Humanism
Church pardon or forgiveness? indulgences
"Worldly"? secular
The thought that God already knows who is and is not going to heaven? predestination
A person who financially supports artists? patrons
The Italian language? Vernacular
Where church leaders control the government? Theocracy
Why was Italy an ideal place for the Reniassance to start? thriving cities, wealthy merchants, and classical heritage of Greece & Rome
What way of learning did the Renaissance scholars wish to return to? Roman & Greek
What subjects make up the humanities? history, literature, and philosophy
Other than the common people, who else enjoyed worldy pleasures during the Reniassance? church officals
Which Reniassance artists in the book were considered "Reniassance Men"? Michelangelo & Leonardo
Who wrote the Prince which was about what was politically effective? Machiavelli
Who painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper? Leonardo Da Vinci
Who painted the School of Athens on the Pope's library wall? Raphael
Who made sculptures more realistic by carving natural postures and expressions? Donatello
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and sculpted David? Michelangelo
Which writer revealed the souls of men and women through plays with scenes of dramatic conflict? (ex. Macbeth) Shakespeare
Who invented the printing press which is a machine that presses paper against a tray full of inked movable type? Gutenberg
Who was the Italian friar that preached fiery sermons calling for reform in which people burned their worldly possessions in a bonfire? Savonarola
Who did the Edict of Worms declare an outlaw and a heretic stating that no one was to give him food or shelter? Martin Luther
What were the group of Princes in Germany that supported Martin Luther and turned against the Catholic Church called? Protestants
Who taught that men and women are sinful by nature and that God only chooses a very few people to save? John Calvin
What were the followers of John Knox called? Presbyterians
Who did the Anabaptists become the forerunners of? Mennonites & Amish
Who founded the religious order the Society of Jesus where its members were called Jesuits? Ignatius
What were the three main activities of the Jesuits? founding superb schools throughout Europe, converting non-Christians to Catholicism, and to stop Protestant from spreading
Created by: davissvhs