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World History


brahman divine spirit, world soul
brahma the creator
vishnu the protector
shiva the destroyer
atman individual soul
moksha achieved through perfect understanding of the relationship between atmans and brahmans
Who is the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
1st noble truth everything in life is suffering and sorrow
2nd noble truth the cause of all suffering is the selfish desire for temporary pleasures
3rd noble truth the way to end all suffering is to end all desire
4th noble truth the way to overcome such desires and attain enlightenment is to follow the 8-fold path
8-fold path middle way between desires and self-denial
karma good or bad deeds follow from one reincarnation to another
Theravada "Doctrine of the Elders", predominant religion of Southeast Asia (Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos)
Mahayana "Great Vehicle" prominent in East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore)
Jainism ancient religion of India. Aim is to achieve liberation from the soul
Gurus teachers hinduism
Upanishads holy text hindoism
nirvana release from selfishness and pain buddhism
sangha community or association buddhism
rabbis jewish teachers
bar mitvah coming of age ritual jewish
Abraham father of Jewish people
covenant promise between God and founder of the Jewish people
Moses A Jew and prophet who led the Hebrews/Israelites to the promised land of Israel.
Confucianism non traditional religion based on teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius.
monotheism A religion that believes in one god
Bible The Christian text that contains their beliefs.
Apostles/Disciples The original twelve followers of Jesus.
Torah The five books given to Moses for the Jews
Ten Commandments Rules that Jews believe were given to Moses by God
Prophet A messenger of God.
muslim A person whose faith is Islam.
Makkah The birthplace of Muhammad, the location of the Ka'ba.
Qur'an The book text of Islam.
Name of the god of Islam allah
Islam is similar to which other two world religions Christianity and Judaism
During which Jewish holiday do Jews celebrate the Exodus? Passover
The Five Pillars of Islam 1.Hajj or Pilgrimage to Mecca 2.Fasting during Ramadan 3.Alms-Giving (Zakat) 4.Daily Prayers (Salat) 5.Profession of Faith
Who is the founder of Hinduism? no one
What are the major beliefs, customs, and traditions of Buddhism? Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path
Where and how did Hinduism spread? Throughout India Along trade routes
How long did Siddhartha Gautama search for enlightenment under the tree? 49 days
In what modern-day country was Buddhism founded Nepal
Hebrews Ancient name of the Jewish people
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