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Political, Economic, and Social Systems

Democracy Government where the people hold ruling power. POLITICAL SYSTEM
Socialism All the people as one group own all the property and operate all businesses. NOT individuals. ECONOMIC SYSTEM
Communism A form of Socialism designed by Karl Marx which said that "class struggle would lead to a classless society in which all money and property would be shared by the community as a whole." POLITICAL/ECONOMIC SYSTEM
Feudalism Local government where local lords were in charge of their own lands but had to "pay" military services and other support to the "greater lord". POLITICAL/SOCIAL SYSTEM
Totalitarian State A government in which a one party dictatorship (one ruler) controls every part of people's lives. POLITICAL SYSTEM
3 Estates in France 1st Estate: Clergy (Church) 2nd Estate: Nobles (Rich) 3rd Estate: middle class down to the poorest unemployed. SOCIAL SYSTEM
Created by: ssmith7