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Indus River Valley

Review for Indus River Valley

Geographers refer to the landmass that includes India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh as? The Indian Subcontinent
What 2 rivers form the enormous flat and fertile plain in the Indus River Valley? Indus & Ganges
What were the seasonal winds called that dominated India's climate? monsoons
Why do we know so little about the Indus River Valley? They have been able to translate their written language
We also call the Indus River Valley civilization the _____________ civilization because of the many archaeological discoveries made at this site. Harrappan
What was one of the most remarkable achievements made by the Indus Valley people? Their city planning
What name do we give all the groups of nomadic peoples who may have come from the steppes? Indo-Europeans
What group of Indo-Europeans relocated themselves in India? Aryans
The term used to describe the movements of a people from one region to another is called? migration
The sacred literature of the Aryans is called the ____________-? They are four collections of prayers, magical spells, & instructions for performing rituals. Vedas
Aryans organized themselves into 4 social classes called __________? castes
The first caste was called ________________? Brahmins
One of the greatest epics from India was called the ______________________? Containing a story of a warrior prince known as the Bhagavad Gita Mahabharata
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