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Review for Egypt

The Tigris and Euphrates were ________________, the Nile was predictable, meaning it flooded like clockwork. unpredictable
Egypt was divided up into 2 kingdoms. What were they called? Upper & Lower Egypt
The king who united Upper & Lower Egypt was? Narmer/Menes
Egyptian god kings were called? Pharaohs
A government in which rule is based on religious authority is called a _________________? Theocracy
For the kings of the Old Kingdom, their final resting place after death was an immense structure called a ______________? pyramid
The process of embalming and drying a corpse to prevent it from decaying is called? Mummification
Scribes in Egypt quickly developed a system of writing using pictures and called it _________________________? hieroglyphics
Egyptians developed a better writing surface using reeds called what? papyrus
Egypt's early history is divided up into 3 parts known as? Old, Middle, & New Kingdoms
What group of people brought about the decline of the Middle Kingdom? Hyksos
What female ruler declared herself pharaoh during the New Kingdom? Hatshepsut
What ruler brought Egypt the most power, making it a mighty empire during the New Kingdom? Thutmose III
What pharaoh is known in Egypt for building many temples and placing large amounts of statues of himself all over Egypt? Ramses II
Nubia and the Nubian kingdom was also called? Kush
What Kushite king named himself pharaoh of Egypt after the Nubians overthrew the Libyans in Egypt? Piankhi
Why did the Nubians feel the need to conquer Egypt? They were already living like Egyptians and saw themselves as the most suitable guardians of Egyptian culture
What resource do we credit for helping the city of Meroe go through a Golden Age? Iron Ore
Created by: rgibson